What animal is Jack howl?

What animal is Jack howl? Jack’s Unique Magic is called “Unleash Beast” ( 月夜を破る遠吠え アンリイッシュ・ビースト , Anrīshu Bīsuto; lit. “Silence-breaking howl of a moonlit night”). It allows him to transform into a huge white wolf.

Is the MC in Twisted Wonderland a girl? MC (Prefect). The Prefect is the protagonist. Their default name is Yuu, but the name can be changed by the player. Their gender is ambiguous and are referred to with gender neutral pronouns by other characters.

How tall is Malleus Twisted Wonderland? Housewarden of Diasomnia. Descended from fae, he is one of the most powerful mages in the world. He is highly respected on campus, yet his demeanor is less than approachable. height:202cm / age:???

How old is ortho Twisted Wonderland? He claims that he can change its color at will. Ortho once recalls memories from eleven years ago, from when he was five years old. This supposedly means that he would be 16 years old in present time.

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Who is Sebek based on Twisted Wonderland?

Sebek is based on Maleficent’s lightning abilities in Sleeping Beauty (1959). He has a portrait of Malleus in his room, which he greets every single time he leaves or comes back.

Who is the main villain in Twisted Wonderland?

Dire Crowley – The strange Headmaster of Night Raven College. Despite his slightly off-kilter attitude, Crowley is wise beyond his years about magic and how it works (represents Diablo The Raven from Sleeping Beauty, despite being crow-like in name and design).

Can you romance people in Twisted Wonderland?

As in, visual novels with various choices and routes, with a female protagonist and where you can romance several characters. Twisted Wonderland isn’t an Otome game like that. First off, it’s a sociage / gacha game.

Is Twisted Wonderland a bl?

It’s also not a boys-love game. Each character has a shortlist of other characters they get along best with, which makes them perform better together in the combat segments, but any romance is left up to individual interpretation.

What is Lilia based on twisted Wonderland?

NOTES: • It is implied that Malleus is twisted from Maleficent, Lilia from her dragon form, Silver from the spindle, and Sebek possibly being from her green magical lightning.

What is Vil’s unique magic?

His Signature Spell is called “Fairest One of All”, and allows him to place a curse on whatever he touches, with any conditions he chooses. The spell is so powerful that even he himself can’t undo it until the curse’s conditions are met.

Is Sebek a human?

Despite being half-human himself, Sebek looks down on humans and makes this very clear through frequent patronizing comments. However, he is also an honest person, and will openly acknowledge others (human or not) for their talents or other impressive skills. He is blunt and not afraid to express his thoughts.

What is Jack howl based on?

He may be named after Jack London, author of the novel White Fang, about a wild white wolfdog. Walt Disney Pictures produced a film based on the novel, although it was live-action rather than animated.

Why does silver call Lilia father?

Silver was an orphan adopted by Lilia at a young age. Silver used to think Lilia was his real father, until he noticed their ears look different. It was then Silver learnt about the existence of different races and that he and Lilia aren’t related by blood.

What villain is Jack howl based on?

Jack is probably twisted from Tod from Fox and the Hound. His color scheme matches Tod’s, and the only difference between them physically is the color scheme of red, white, and black for Tod, and Black and white for Jack. A fox makes more sense for Jack, even if his last name is Howl, which is something foxes do to.

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