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What animal is Mizuchi?

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What animal is Mizuchi? The Mizuchi (大虬, 蛟龍, 蛟, 美都知) is a type of Japanese dragon or legendary serpent-like creature, either found in an aquatic habitat or otherwise connected to water. Some commentators perceived it to have been a water deity. It is described in the ancient pseudo-chronicle Nihon Shoki and one Man’yōshū poem.

What kind of rabbit is Mizuchi? She is an endangered harlequin rabbit, with her fur being two different shades: the right side of her body is black and the left side is white. She is typically seen wearing her school uniform.

What kind of rabbits are Beastars? Haru is a well-endowed pure white dwarf rabbit. She has light cream-colored fur and the large, dark eyes of an actual rabbit. When she blinks, three small eyelashes can be seen. At the beginning of the series, she is typically seen wearing her school uniform.

Who is the antagonist in Beastars? Melon (メロン, Meron?) is the primary antagonist of the Revenge of the Love Failure arc in Beastars. He is first introduced as a faux elephant therapist, killing them and using their tusks for ivory to make quick money.

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How tall is Els from Beastars?

Els is an Angora goat, looking similar to Tem’s appearance, despite being different species. She has two horns sloping backwards from her head, and can be seen wearing a regular female’s school uniform and a backpack.


Height126 cm (4’2.4″) [anime]
Blood Type

What animal is Louis from Beastars?

Appearance. Louis is a young red deer with a slim build and fair face with handsome features. He commonly appears with a slightly intimidating expression. Louis is often able to maintain a certain level of control in a situation.

What is Jack from Beastars?

Appearance. Jack is a Labrador with a slender build, light yellow fur, and large brown eyes. He is typically seen wearing his school uniform, which consists of a white dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves, an indigo vest, a dark gray tie, black suspenders, gray pants with dark gray vertical stripes, and brown loafers.

Is the Harlequin rabbit endangered?

But there is a thriving breed club, and fans of the breed meet regularly across the country through out the year. Since rabbits breed easily, it’s unlikely that the Harlequin is at risk of dying out. But you might have to travel a bit further than average to purchase one.

Why is Haru bullied?

As Haru transitioned into Cherryton Academy, her peers began to not pity her, but isolate and shun her for her promiscuity. During this time, Mizuchi, a harlequin rabbit and her clique began targeting Haru by attempting to injure her and spread gossip about her because of Haru stealing her boyfriend.

Who is Mizuchi KOF?

Mizuchi (ミズチ), whose namesake is a Japanese mythological water spirit, is one of the bosses that challenge players in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. He is voiced by Tsunehito Maruo.

Who voices the Harlequin rabbit in Beastars?

Cherami Leigh is the English dub voice of Mizuchi in Beastars, and Hibiku Yamamura is the Japanese voice.

Do hybrids exist in Beastars?

In Beastars canon, however, hybrids that cannot exist in real life are possible (in fact, one of the characters isn’t even fully what species they appear to be, with a grandparent of another species).

Why does Haru sleep with everyone?

Haru has no friends and on top of that she knows she does not have very long to live. So sleeping with many boys is her YOLO (You Only Live Once). It is an act that makes her small existence feel important. She finds purpose in fulfilling her duty as a woman to please the boys.

Are there humans in Beastars?

In Beastars, in the first season, there are no humans. There is no mention of humans and none can’t be seen. The viewers are under the impression that humans do not exist in this world.

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