What anime are shusei and Hotsuma from?

What anime are shusei and Hotsuma from? The Betrayal Knows My Name (Japanese: 裏切りは僕の名前を知っている, Hepburn: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Odagiri Hotaru. It was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s shōjo manga magazine Monthly Asuka between October 2005 and June 2017.

Is the betrayal knows my name a bl? Even though this is a shoujo manga, for yaoi fans, the BL hints are marvelous but never crossing the line.

Who is the MC in Psycho-Pass 2? Akane Tsunemori (常守 朱 Tsunemori Akane) is a protagonist and point-of-view character in Psycho-Pass, a main protagonist in Psycho-Pass 2 and a “behind-the-scenes force” in Psycho-Pass 3.

Who is Psycho-Pass 2 villain? Kirito Kamui is the main antagonist of the second season of the anime series Psycho-Pass. He is a person who cannot be detected by any scanners or by the Dominators themselves. He aids and abets criminals, including Akira Kitazawa, with his ability to clarify their Hues.

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Does Kogami return in season 3?

He reappears in the third television season, Psycho-Pass 3, as a supporting character. Additional novels and manga explore Kogami’s work as an Inspector years before the start of the television series.

What happens to Akane in Psycho pass?

When viewers last saw Akane Tsunemori, she was still working with unit 1. Whether you’ve seen her in the Psycho-Pass Movie, or in the three OVA’s Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System. However, about 3 to 4 years have passed since then and she is now imprisoned.

Who is the chief in Psycho pass?

Harumi Hosorogi (細呂木 晴海 Hosorogi Harumi) is a Bureau Chief of the Public Safety Bureau. She is one of the “personalities” used by the Sibyl System to move about in the real world.

What happens to Kagari?

She then points the gun at Kagari, who is shocked to find out that Kasei is an android. The gun is initially in the mode Non-Lethal Paralyzer, however, she hacks into the Dominator and forcibly changes its mode to Destroy Decomposer. Kagari smiles in his final moments before he is killed.

Who is the traitor in my name?

According to picture evidence, Ji-woo’s father, Yoon Dong-hoon’s real name was Song Joonsu. He was an undercover agent who worked for the narcotics department. Song Joonsu infiltrated the Dongcheon organization to take them down from inside.

Does Psycho pass have a Season 2?

Season Two of Psycho-Pass takes place eighteen months after the death of Shogo Makishima and centers around Akane Tsunemori who, having learned the true nature of the Sibyl System, has to stop a man who wants to shake the System to its core.

Is The Betrayal Knows My Name finished?

Hotaru Odagiri ended her The Betrayal Knows My Name manga in the June issue of Kadokawa ‘s Monthly Asuka magazine on Monday.

What happens in the end of Betrayal Knows My Name?

Reiga leaves after cautioning Yuki not to trust all that Takashiro tells him. After the end of the brief confrontation with Reiga, Yuki sleeps for two full days due to the shock he received at knowing that his childhood friend Kanata was in fact, Reiga.

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