What anime is Himouto in?

What anime is Himouto in? Umaru-chan (干物妹! うまるちゃん, Himōto! Umaru-chan) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sankaku Head. It began serialization in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump on Ma.

Who is Umaru Chan best friend? Nana Ebina is a close friend and classmate of Umaru in the Himouto! Umaru-chan series. She is voiced by Akari Kageyama in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Sara Ornelas in the English version of the anime.

Who is Taihei girlfriend? When playing the “Game of Life”, Nana Ebina and Taihei married in-game and they supposedly had three children.

Does Ebina have a crush on Taihei? She developed a crush on Taihei ever since that incident and often gets flustered while talking to him. It is implied that she has strong feelings for Taihei, due to his kindness.

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What is the story of Umaru?

Plot Summary (2). In public, Umaru is the perfect vision of a beautiful and smart high school girl. At home, she morphs into the ultimate slob with the ability to game all night and binge on junk food and cola. Can her big brother, Taihei, change her?

How old is Himouto?

Umaru Doma, age 16, is the perfect girl at school and around town; beautiful but with a kind heart, athletic, always gets high test scores, and while popular remains humble and is greatly admired by students and faculty alike, but…

Did Umaru marry Alex?

And in the end, once Umaru finds out that it’s Alex whom she is actually engaged to, she’ll change her mind, get married, and live the rest of her days as a wealth mangaka as described in Chapter 28.

Did Kei and Hikari get married?

They are briefly engaged in Chapter 91 when Hikari proposes to him, but Kei eventually chose not to get married right away.

Is Kirie in love with Umaru?

She secretly has a crush on Umaru. She is possibly Bisexual or Lesbian. In the manga, Kirie has a fear of dark forests.

Is Ebina in love with Hikigaya?

Ebina eventually told him that she hates herself for always being selfish with her desires and that she is rotten. It’s also suggested in the anime that Ebina has slight romantic feelings toward Hachiman and is somewhat surprised when he interprets her affectionate comments (sweet nothings) as “sarcastic”.

Who is Umaru rival?

Sylphynford Tachibana (橘・シルフィンフォード,Tachibana Shirufinfōdo) is the self-proclaimed rival and classmate of Umaru in Himouto! Umaru-chan. She is as popular as Umaru and comes from a rich family.

Who is the blue haired girl in Umaru Chan?

Sylphynford Tachibana

Sylphynford Tachibana
OccupationHigh School Student
HairSky Blue

Does Hikari like Taihei?

Hikari lives alongside her sister in a large apartment. During her childhood, Taihei would occasionally visit them and taught Hikari while there. Over time, she grew fond of him and would frequently think about him even after he no longer visited her.

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