What are the cats names in Sailor Moon?

What are the cats names in Sailor Moon? The two older cats, Luna and Artemis, lived in the Moon Kingdom, millennia before the main plot, and acted as advisors to Queen Serenity; the third, Diana, is much younger and was born on Earth. The cats serve as mentors and confidantes, and a source of information and new tools and special items.

What kind of cat is Luna? Luna the Fashion Kitty was a Himalayan cat with a following on the Internet that centers on a Facebook page where she shares her outfits each day. She also shares information about cat grooming and cat rescue info, specifically focusing on the Persian and Himalayan breeds.

Is Luna a girl cat? When Sailor Moon was dubbed into Portuguese, Artemis was made female and his name changed to Artemisa to match the gender while Luna was made male. In the French dub, Artemis was voiced by both male and female voice actors, beginning as female in early episodes before changing back to male for the rest of the series.

Why are so many cats named Luna? 1. Luna. The number one most popular cat name holds the top position once again, for the 4th year in a row! Luna, which means “moon” in Latin, is also the name of Roman mythological goddess of the moon.

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What anime has a black cat?

Black Cat is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Kentaro Yabuki. First announced in May 2005, it was produced by Gonzo with directed by Shin Itagaki. The series follows the legendary assassin Train Heartnet, known as Black Cat, who becomes a bounty hunter, dubbed Sweeper.

Is Artemis Sailor Venus cat?

Artemis is a talking white cat from the Moon, who is mentor and guardian to Mina/Sailor Venus. Artemis’s first actual appearance was in Episode 29, Sailor V Makes the Scene, alongside Sailor Venus.

Why are so many pets named Luna?

The name was out of fashion for decades, but quickly gained prominence due to the main character in the Twilight series. Luna is an Italian name meaning “moon,” according to Nameberry. The celestial name dates back centuries, but has seen a recent comeback influenced by the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood.

Is Luna in Sailor Moon a girl?

In her human form, Luna is a young woman with curly, long black hair which reaches her waist. Her forehead bears the same yellow crescent moon that she wears as a cat, and which are also featured on her earrings.

Does Luna become a human?

In Act 27 of the series, Luna gains the ability to turn into a young human girl, given the name Luna Tsukino, and is able to become a Sailor Senshi.

What is the GREY cat in Sailor Moon?

Diana was a small gray kitten. She was the future daughter of Luna and Artemis, and served as Chibiusa’s companion. Like Usagi and Luna, or Minako and Artemis, Chibiusa and Diana shared a fairly close bond, and she could often be found riding on Chibiusa’s head.

What is Chibiusa’s cat name?

Diana is the only daughter of Artemis and Luna from the 30th century future of Earth, Crystal Tokyo. She is the guardian feline and devoted companion of the Crown Princess of Crystal Tokyo, Chibiusa.

Why is Luna a cat?

Well, it’s because she isn’t a real cat at all! Luna is actually an alien from the planet Mau, a planet of ‘cat people’ that are able to take on both feline and humanoid forms.

Why does Sailor Moon have a cat?

She is a black cat who has the ability to talk, and serves as a mentoring figure for the titular character and her companions, the Sailor Guardians.

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