What are the NPCs in Angel Beats?

What are the NPCs in Angel Beats? Non-Player Characters (or NPCs for short) are the collective term used by the Afterlife War Front to refer to the majority of the student population within the Afterlife School.

Who stole the computers in Angel Beats? The Angel Player program itself was created by The Programmer who arrived in the Afterlife long ago, using many computers he had stole from the nearby Computer Lab. After creating a makeshift server room underneath the Afterlife School’s Library, he began to work on the program and eventually finished after some time.

What happened to Iwasawa in Angel Beats? Iwasawa appeared as a minor character in the Angel Beats anime, disappearing at the end of the third episode. Having come to terms with her past, she no longer had any need to remain in the world and Yui eventually replaced her as the lead guitarist and singer.

Who gets obliterated in Angel Beats? The five remaining residents of the afterlife hold a graduation ceremony before Naoi, Yuri, and Hinata are obliterated.

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Who does Otonashi end up with?

Realizing this, Otonashi and Angel, whose real name is Kanade, help the other members of the Afterlife Battlefront pass on. Eventually, when it’s just those two who remain, Otonashi confesses that he has fallen in love with Kanade and wants to stay with her and help others pass on.

Why do people disappear in Angel Beats?

Yui thoroughly explains that they disappear when they have their wishes fulfilled. They are in “purgatory” because they were unable to experience a normal youth before dying.

Why is Kanade called the Angel?

Kanade, initially known as “Angel”, is the Student Council President and the enemy of the SSS. The kids in the Battlefront presume she is an angel assigned to oversee their purgatory because she appears to be making people disappear.

Why was Kanade there before Otonashi?

There is a continuity in Kanade’s existence; Otonashi’s heart was transplanted to her so she would have been alive when he was dead yet Kanade was already in the afterlife before Otonashi (It might be that Otonashi’s soul wandered around and eventually ended up in the Afterlife which may explain the time gap).

Does Yuzuru otonashi pass on?

Otonashi did pass on, although he was the last to pass on. He is assumed to have reincarnated at the end of episode 13, the final episode of Angel Beats, and it is heavily implied he meets the reincarnated version of Angel.

How old is Otonashi from Angel Beats?

Otonashi can be inferred as one of the oldest members of the battlefront. Since he was about to take his university entrance exams this would make him around/just over eighteen years old when he died.

What is the point of Angel Beats?

Plot. Angel Beats! is set in the environment of a high school in the afterlife, a type of limbo for people who have experienced trauma or hardships in life and must overcome them before passing on and being reincarnated. The story follows Yuzuru Otonashi, a boy with amnesia who ends up in the afterlife.

Why is the SSS fighting Angel?

Related to the previous point: the SSS fights Angel because its members want to stay in the world they’re in. Seen in this light, making them find peace and thus disappear would actually be a rather nasty trick, akin to outright killing them for real.

What happens to Takamatsu in Angel Beats?

Takamatsu is turned into an NPC by the shadows in episode 11 but recovered off screen as pointed out in the conversation between Hinata and Yuri in episode 13. Yuri posits that it stems from his strong will that allowed him to recover from being an NPC as she herself experienced in her near NPC transformation.

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