What did Holly inject Anna with?

What did Holly inject Anna with? He goes after Holly in the other room, where she finds her injecting some poison in Anna. He points a gun at her and asks her to raise her hands.

Does Keller get found? Keller Dover WILL get pulled out of the pit. Detective Loki hears the whistle. He’s a detective, he will investigate. He will eventually zero in on the car, find the pit, and pull Keller out.

What was the drink in Prisoners? Pruno originated in (and remains largely confined to) prisons, where it can be produced with the limited selection of equipment and ingredients available to inmates. The concoction can be made using only a plastic bag, hot running water, and a towel or sock to conceal the pulp during fermentation.

Are the kids found in Prisoners? Joy is found and reunited with her parents, and is hospitalized; the two children were drugged and staged an escape, but Anna was caught.

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Who kidnapped girls in Prisoners?

In addition, Loki has no evidence to hold Alex in custody, placing him at odds especially with Keller, who is certain that Alex is the one who abducted the girls.

What does the maze mean in Prisoners?

The whole concept of a maze is that people become lost in the convolutions and complications of the structure. Prisoners puts that concept onto how people struggle to work through and escape from their traumas.

Did Keller kidnap joy?

Five days after Anna and Joy were kidnapped, Franklin told his wife Nancy what Keller did. Nancy saw Alex’s swollen face and untied him, but he attempted to escape. After Franklin and Nancy went home, Keller put Alex in a bathtub where he can barely sit down, and nailed boards up so no light gets in.

Who was the man in the basement in Prisoners?

He is subsequently arrested and taken away. Alex has the IQ of a 10-year-old, and appears confused when being questioned at the police station. His vehicle is searched by forensics but nothing is found relating to the girls. Pursuing other leads, Loki discovers a corpse in the basement of Patrick Dunn, a priest.

Who took Keller’s daughter?

Keller has found out when Alex is being released and attacks him in the police parking lot. He hears Alex say “They didn’t cry until I left them.” Though no one is close enough to hear this to corroborate, Keller takes this as proof that Alex took the girls.

Who was the killer in Prisoners?

Holly Jones is the main antagonist of the 2013 thriller film Prisoners. She was portrayed by Melissa Leo, who also played Sally in Oblivion.

What is the plot twist in Prisoners?

Prisoners Ending Explained: Is Anna telling the truth about the whistle? Holly and her husband began abducting children when their own son died. This was their way of waging “war against God”. In fact, the ending also reveals that Alex was the very first child they kidnapped, who has been with them ever since.

What do the snakes mean in Prisoners?

The snakes and the mazes: The killer(s) would tell the children that they would be freed if they solved all the mazes in the book. Leo’s character also refers to her husband keeping snakes (she alludes that Alex had some sort of accident involving snakes and that being the reason for his mental state).

Is there an alternate ending to Prisoners?

The scene abruptly ends, and the credits roll in an ambiguous conclusion that follows Villeneuve’s vision for his mystery tale. Prisoners’ alternate ending extends the scene, depicting Jake Gyllenhaal’s Detective Loki moving the car and rescuing Dover from the pit.

What happens in the end of Prisoners?

During the climactic final moments of the film, Dover is drugged, wounded, and imprisoned in an underground pit by Holly, which is hidden by a car in her driveway.

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