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What did Kyos mom do?

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What did Kyos mom do? Kyo’s mother being abused by her husband. She was ostracized by the Sohma Family and verbally and emotionally abused by her husband for giving birth to Kyo and “ruining” his life. Eventually, the abuse she received along with the pressure of protecting Kyo, led to her committing suicide by jumping in front of a train.

What is Kyo’s true form? An irregular member of the Zodiac, not only is Kyo discriminated against, disrespected, and has a future of confinement, he also has a true form which is a grotesque and foul-smelling monster— which he turns into when his Juzu bead bracelet is removed.

Who does Hatori end up with? After Kana marries someone else, Shigure manipulates Hatori into meeting Kana’s best friend, Mayuko Shiraki. They are attracted to one another and end up dating. In Fruits Basket Another, Hatori is married to Mayuko and the father of Kinu Sohma.

Why is the cat spirit the only one with a true form? It is implied that the Cat has a “true form” in his subsequent rebirths as a punishment for his rejection of the bond in his first life.

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Why did Akito let Tohru stay?

In defiance of her mother, Akito allows Tohru to stay to prove Ren wrong, and reaffirm Akito’s conviction that the Zodiac bonds trump all.

How are Akito and Yuki related?

Yuki and Akito. Yuki has a twisted relationship of love and hatred with Akito. Being the Rat of the Zodiac, it placed Yuki at the top of the Zodiac, making him the closest to “God”; Akito. However, Yuki was emotionally, mentally, and psychologically abused by Akito; Yuki, as a result, was deeply traumatized.

What was Kyo’s promise to Kyoko?

Kyo arrived at the scene and promised Kyoko that he would protect Tohru and bring her back home safely.

What is Kyo hiding from Tohru?

The one person she feels totally at ease telling her memories to is Kyo, who is keeping his own secret about his mother: while he tells Tohru his mom died in an “accident,” he omits that this “accident” was a suicide.

Is Tohru a Sohma?

Tohru Sohma (née Honda) is the main protagonist of the Fruits Basket series. She is the love interest of Kyo Sohma. She is mother of Hajime Sohma & two unnamed children.

What happened to Tohru Honda’s dad?

Katsuya died of pneumonia while on a business trip, leaving Kyoko in a deep depression. Kyoko and Tohru’s grandfather were left to care for Tohru, though Kyoko did not remember doing much with Tohru during this time.

Why did Tohru’s mom say she wouldn’t forgive Kyo?

his main reason for feeling guilty is that he watched her die – he was there when she got hit by the car, but couldn’t save her because in doing so, he would have transformed. kyoko’s last words to him were “i won’t forgive you,” which he took to mean that she wouldn’t forgive him for letting her die.

What animal does Akito turn into?

After this, Yuki asked Akito if he truly was so strange that he had to keep the Curse a secret, to which Akito replied that he did have to, since it was strange for a little boy to transform into a rat. She also told him that any normal person would be repulsed if they knew.

Why is Tohru called Kun?

Takaya gave Tohru a name normally used only for men because she likes to give masculine names to female characters “to balance them out.” In addition, Takaya chose to have other characters address her as “Tohru-kun”, using an honorific typically used for boys, because she thought it was “a more dignified form of …

Why did Tohru choose Kyo?

Because he accepted her when she was vulnerable, Tohru is finally able to accept her feelings and she later confesses to Rin that she considers Kyo as the most important person in her life and that he is the main reason she wants to break the curse, and will not allow anything or anyone to take him away from her.

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