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What did Mami wish for?

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What did Mami wish for? Mami’s wish was to “not die”, essentially. I believe the prevailing theory that not dying means she has a connection to the living world. Her magic is that connection, and ribbons can be used to connect and bind things to one another.

Is Homura a Yandere? I asked around my group of friends, who watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and there’s a common agreement of: Yes, Homura Akemi is a yandere if you consider her affections for Madoka to be romantic. And based on the information they told me, Homura would be at least a 4/5 on the yandere scale.

How did Homura shoot herself? A third of the way through the Rebellion film. Homura appears to shoot herself in the head after being unable to persuade Mami about what’s going on. After the event, it seems that we see the exiting bullet, and we also see blood around the left side of Homura’s face.

Why did Madoka become a god? But there are many kinds of gods. Specifically, Madoka becomes a goddess of mercy, redemption, and death. Madoka’s goal is to alleviate suffering. She doesn’t want Magical Girls to end their lives in a state of torturous despair, which they have up till now.

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Is Kyubey a girl?

Kyubey is a sexless (though it apparently identifies as a male) extraterrestrial cat-like being posing as a familiar who can grant any wish to a certain girl, on the condition that she become a magical girl and fight against witches.

Is Madoka a girl or boy?

Madoka Kaname
SpeciesHuman (initially) Magical girl (formerly) Goddess (currently)
RelativesJunko Kaname (mother) Tomohisa Kaname (father) Tatsuya Kaname (brother)

Is UI baby Kyubey?

Small Kyubey is actually Ui Tamaki, who became Small Kyubey after absorbing too much impurities and her soul was put into Kyubey’s empty shell to prevent it from becoming a grief seed. Small Kyubey dies in episode 4 of season 3 with Touka and Nemu.

Is Homura 26 years old?

A: Approaching 100. If Homura really did loop the same month and a half nearly 100 times, she would technically be around 26-years old, having spent 12 years looping time. (Calculations here.) However, since her body is always reset along with time, she is still only 14-years old physically.

Who is Madoka in love with?

She is in love with Momoharu Hanazono, the captain of Kuzuryū High boy’s team, and was shocked when Momoharu pushed her away, causing her to become heartbroken. Later on, at a local restaurant, Madoka met Tsukasa, who plays for Tamagawa Gaukin.

Why does Madoka have so many chairs in her room?

At first I thought this was just the usual Shaft weirdness. But I stumbled on a blog post that attempted to explain all the symbolism behind the imagery in this scene. According to the author of the blog, the empty chairs represent fallen Magical Girls.

Is Madoka Magica LGBT?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, an angsty Magical Girl show with an Improbably Female Cast, has quite blatant homosexual implications (some even call it “Miserable Lesbians: The Anime”) in both the main storyline and the sidestories and spinoffs.

Can Madoka beat Goku?

She cannot be killed nor stopped… except, of course, by Homura, the “Satan” to her “God.” In her God form, Madoka could destroy Goku. Because she is essentially the universe, there is little Goku could do to punch his way out of a fight with Madoka.

Is Madoka child friendly?

Parents need to know that Puella Magi Madoka Magica appears to be a cute animated show for little girls (similar to Sailor Moon), but it’s full of dark moments and imagery that is more suited for teens and adults.

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