What do I do with Kenshi prisoners?

What do I do with Kenshi prisoners? some people have bounties on them, which you can turn in to other factions. You can also use them to train your characters, especially in martial arts (unarmed combat). Just unlock, fight, lock them back up and heal them, then rinse and repeat.

How do I sell Kenshi prisoners? You can sell them to any slave markets, usually found in UC cities and Slave Camps. There is a building with a sign that has Face and a Chain. just note, you can’t sell them to their own faction.

How do you ally slavers Kenshi? You can gain relations from this faction by purchasing slaves. It is possible to become allied with the Slave Traders by purchasing a large amount of slaves with every 1000 credits spent improving the relations by 1 point.

What is the best start in Kenshi? The best Beginning for a new player is the Wanderer. Starting alone in the Hub, a town of Holy Nation Outlaws within the Border Zone, the Wanderer starts with a 1 in all of their skills. Fortunately, the Hub is a great jumping off point for adventure.

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Where do escaped slaves go Kenshi?

If they are found in a squad alone, they can be talked to and potentially convinced to join the player faction. They can be found patrolling as a member of the Empire Peasants faction in Heng, Howler Maze, Skimsands, The Great Desert, and The Hook.

What does shift F12 do in Kenshi?

To begin making your town, go to the area where you want to construct the town and hit SHIFT+F12 to open the editor.

What are max stats in Kenshi?

So the max everything is 100, but keep in mind, some specific enemies also have 100s in all their important stats.

Do they feed slaves in Kenshi?

you are fed enough to not starve to death. But you cannot be an escaped slave. The moment your tag changes to escaped slave you stop getting fed. This can be changed as easily as unlocking your shackles, taking them off, and putting them back on again.

Does Kenshi cheat?

But this game can prove difficult even for the most experienced player and progress can often be very, very slow. For those who aren’t opposed to cheating in a single-player game there are a number of cheats that can make the game much easier.

Is there going to be a Kenshi 2?

Kenshi 2 is an upcoming prequel to Kenshi still under development by Lo-Fi Games. Set around 1,000 years prior to the original game, the setting will still be in a post-apocalyptic state during this time period, and may have only slightly more advanced technology.

Can you tame animals in Kenshi?

Animal Taming. The Kenshi Development Team has hinted that the ability to raise certain animals and tame them into being Player Characters could be added to the game. It hasn’t been confirmed and if it is to be added, it would be a luxury feature.

Are reavers hostile Kenshi?

Hostile towards. Reavers are a faction of slavers who believe that they deserve to be in charge instead of the United Cities. They have the same trade culture as the Swampers.

How do I get rid of notorious bounty Kenshi?

Notorious. A large bounty makes player more notorious. After the bounty reaches 10,000 c, it will never expire. It can then only be removed by bailing the player out by talking to the Police Chief/Inquisitor/Hundred Guardian (depending on the faction whom you are bailing out from) directly.

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