What do you call someone who Cannot forgive?

What do you call someone who Cannot forgive? (ʌnfərgɪvɪŋ ) adjective. If you describe someone as unforgiving, you mean that they are unwilling to forgive other people.

What is the word when you disrespect God? Blasphemy, in a religious sense, refers to great disrespect shown to God or to something holy, or to something said or done that shows this kind of disrespect; heresy refers a belief or opinion that does not agree with the official belief or opinion of a particular religion.

What’s another word for Vendetta? Vendetta Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for vendetta?


What is a grudge against someone? Holding a grudge happens when you can’t let go of feelings of anger or resentment toward someone who wronged you. It can be in response to something that actually happened or a perceived threat or action against you.

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What is the synonym of unforgivable?

So bad as to be unable to be forgiven or excused. indefensible. inexcusable. unjustifiable. unpardonable.

What personality type holds grudges?

Perhaps the most sensitive of all the personality types, INFJs take it hard when someone they trust lets them down. They tend to hold on to anger longer than they should and are capable of holding a grudge even when the other person has apologized, repeatedly, for their wrongdoing.

What does do not forgive mean?

to stop blaming or being angry with someone for something that person has done, or not punish them for something: I don’t think she’s ever quite forgiven me for getting her name wrong that time. I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to the kids.

What is the biblical definition of unforgiveness?

Unforgiveness is a state of emotional and mental distress that results from a delayed response in forgiving an offender. It is characterized by indignation, bitterness, and a demand for punishment or restitution.

What does it mean if you dont forgive?

The negative consequences of not forgiving has been documented in studies that show that it can lead to emotional pain of anger, hate, hurt, resentment, bitterness and so on and as a consequence can create health issues, affect relationships and stop us from experiencing the freedom that forgiveness enables.

What’s another word for holding a grudge?

Some common synonyms of grudge are ill will, malevolence, malice, malignity, spite, and spleen. While all these words mean “the desire to see another experience pain, injury, or distress,” grudge implies a harbored feeling of resentment or ill will that seeks satisfaction.

What are the synonyms for blasphemy?

synonyms for blasphemy

  • desecration.
  • heresy.
  • abuse.
  • execration.
  • impiety.
  • impiousness.
  • imprecation.
  • indignity.

What does inexcusably mean?

/ˌɪn.ɪkˈskjuː.zə.bli/ in a way that is too bad to be accepted or forgiven: The project is inexcusably overdue.

What’s the definition of venial?

able to be forgiven or pardoned; not seriously wrong, as a sin (opposed to mortal) 2. excusable; trifling; minor. a venial error. a venial offense.

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