What does Azusa mukami like?

What does Azusa mukami like? Personality. Azusa is a clingy, faint-hearted do-S (extreme sadist) and do-M ( extreme masochist). Because he likes being injured, he may even harm himself. Though his manner of speech and attitude are timid, he’ll always do what he wants to his heart’s content.

What did Laito do to Yui in the church? ~ Laito strangled Yui under frigid shower water because she ran from him. ~ At the end of his original drama CD, Subaru says he wants to “join more deeply” with Yui, implying rape since she was not in his coffin with him consensually, and in fact had ran from him.

How many kids does Yui Komori have? Mystical Pregnancy: Yui has 22 children under her care, all who were forceably conceived on the last night of the Blood Moon and are all different ages. Parental Abandonment: Seiji disowned Yui before the events of the story due to believing she was possessed by a demon.

Is Yui Komori adopted? Yui was an abandoned child who was later found by Richter. He transplanted Cordelia’s heart into her and gave her to Seiji. She then became the adoptive daughter of priest and famous vampire hunter Seiji Komori.

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Why does Azusa call Yui Eve?

He calls the Yui by her name with the “-san” honorific or simply “Eve.” When he hurts Yui by cutting her, sucking her blood, or forcing spicy food on her, it is usually because he’s trying to help her feel good (because he sees her as a masochist).

Who is Kou shipped with?

Mitsukou is the slash ship between Mitsuba Sousuke and Minamoto Kou from the Toilet-bound Hanako-kun fandom.

What is Yui real name?

Yui Yoshioka. Yui (singer)

Birth nameYui Yoshioka
BornMarch 26, 1987 Koga, Fukuoka, Japan
GenresPop rock
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, musician

Does Yui Komori have a sister?

Mira Komori was no ordinary child ever since she was born, for she was gifted with having beauty, radiant power and sweet blood, which is more sweeter than Yui’s.

Who is the youngest in Diabolik Lovers?

Haru Sakamaki is the youngest son of Karlheinz and his third wife/cousin Christa and the youngest brother of all the Sakamaki brothers. He is the only full blooded sibling of Subaru Sakamaki.

What is the age of Yui Komori?

Main characters. Yui is the heroine of the Diabolik Lovers series. She is a beautiful, kind, gentle, and clumsy 17-year-old student, who used to live with her father, a priest, who owns his own church.

Why does Kou mukami have a red eye?

Kou’s missing right eye was replaced by a magical one by Karlheinz. The magical eye normally appears blue at first sight but when Kou starts reading the heart of the person, to see if they are being truthful, it starts to change to red.

Who is the youngest in mukami brothers?

The Mukami Brothers

  • Ruki Mukami – The eldest son of the Mukami household.
  • Kou Mukami – The second son of the Mukami household.
  • Yuma Mukami – The third son of the Mukami household.
  • Azusa Mukami – The youngest son of the Mukami household.
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