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What does brat mean in slang?

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What does brat mean in slang? Word forms: brats. countable noun. If you call someone, especially a child, a brat, you mean that he or she behaves badly or annoys you. [informal, disapproval] He’s a spoiled brat.

Is Brat a rude word? As I said in the column I wrote back in 2004, “brat” is a pejorative colloquial English term for “a child, especially an ill-tempered, spoiled or badly behaved child.” In his 1755 Dictionary of the English Language, Samuel Johnson defined the word (which first appears in the written record in 1557) as “a child, so …

Who does Shizuka Hakamada end up with? Though Shizuka has trouble talking to women, he becomes attracted to Yuki Machida and falls in love with her.

Is cheeky brat worth reading? Cheeky Brat isn’t what I’d call a good story, and there’s nothing remarkable about the art, which is bog-standard Hana to Yume fare. But it’s the kind of bad (or rather, not-good, because I don’t think it quite veers into “bad” territory) that I could see myself getting sucked into.

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How long is cheeky brat?

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How tall is Naruse from Namaikizakari?

He has a lean body, and towers over most people. He’s 185 cm ( 6’1′ ) so he is very tall indeed! Naruse is very active.

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