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What does Cardan look like in The Cruel Prince?

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What does Cardan look like in The Cruel Prince? Cardan has curly, iridescent midnight hair and sharp cheekbones. He has long, black eyelashes and soft lips. His eyes are described as black with a golden ring around the pupils.

Does cardan have a tail? I describe Cardan’s inhuman, elegant beauty throughout the series, and the tail is at odds with that. It’s weird, and a little funny. It sometimes embarrasses him, revealing more about his mental state than he wants people to know.

Is Cardan and Jude’s relationship toxic? Perhaps the saddest fact in The Cruel Prince is how the protagonist, Jude, is also a narcissist and like Cardan, both are equally toxic.

Is there LGBT in The Cruel Prince? Things to be aware of: Sensuality, there is a kiss near the end and the the character has an internal narrative going on while the kiss is happening. There are suggestions of other sexual conduct going on, but nothing overly graphic nor explicit. One side character is in a homosexual relationship with a mortal.

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How old are the characters in The Cruel Prince?

This protagonist and narrator of The Cruel Prince is 17 years old when the main storyline begins in Chapter 1. She was abducted by a Faerie General at the age of seven and brought to Faerie, where she has grown up as a mortal alongside her identical twin sister and her older sister, who is of faerie blood.

What characters are in The Cruel Prince?

The Cruel Prince. Jude Duarte, Taryn Duarte, and half-sister Vivienne live in the human world until a fae called Madoc, who is Vivienne’s biological father, arrives one day and kills their parents. The trio are then forced to live in Faerie for a decade with Madoc’s wife, Oriana, and son, Oak.

Is there a cardan POV in The Cruel Prince?

We also get to see so much of Cardan’s perspective during The Cruel Prince, much like we did with Tarryn in The Lost Sisters, and it was everything.

Is The Cruel Prince spicy?

Is it spicy? The Cruel Prince isn’t very spicy compared to other fantasy novels. There is some kissing, but that’s mainly it for any “spice.”

What did Cardan whisper to Taryn?

Cardan told Taryn that Jude was suffering in her place and that if Jude knew why, she’d back down to him, but Taryn couldn’t tell her.

How tall is Cardan The Cruel Prince?

being a head taller makes cardan roughly half a foot taller than jude, which lands him at right about 5’11”-6′.

Is cruel prince an enemy to lovers?

She must defy him to win a place in the Court, but can Jude risk her life – and her heart? While romance takes a backseat to the epic fantasy, The Cruel Prince features enemies-to-lovers at its absolute peak.

What did the letters from Cardan say?

“Tell me what I must slay, what I must steal, tell me the riddle I must solve or the hag I must trick. Only tell me the way, and I will do it, no matter the danger, no matter the hardship, no matter the cost.”

Is The Cruel Prince ya or na?

The Cruel Prince is book one in the Folk of the Air trilogy by Holly Black. This book is incredibly popular in the fantasy genre but until now, I had avoided reading it for a couple of reasons. One, it’s YA.

What did Cardan turn into?

Cardan turned into a serpent. Yes, you heard that right. It probably didn’t help that I saw this as an “extra” book but I really wasn’t sure this storyline was at all necessary. And in all honesty, though I didn’t entirely hate Cardan, if Jude had to kill him to save Faerie that that would’ve been so much better.

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