What does ELO egg do?

What does ELO egg do? Elo swings their weapon upwards and summons a rain of 15-25 large colorful explosive Easter eggs on the player’s location. Some eggs can contain a Mini Bunny instead.

What is Lancer in GPO? The Festival Lancer is a Legendary sword with a 1% drop chance from the The Krampus at Winter Cave, during the Christmas Event 2021. It is earned by opening the Gift of Lancer. It has 7 base M1 damage.

What is elf outfit worth GPO? The Elf’s outfit is a Common clothing accessory added in the Christmas 2021 Event. It costs 10,000 Peli to buy and is located inside a house at Winter Wonderland.

How much HP does Krampus GPO have? Krampus the Ravager is a giant stationary boss for the Christmas Event 2021. He spawns at Winter Cave. It wields an enlarged Festival Lancer, but never seems to use it aside from blocking. Currently, his HP is unknown, presumed to be around 100,000-150,000.

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What is CC in GPO?

The Prestige Candy Cane is a Legendary sword that had an estimative of 0.00743% chance to drop from Purplish Blue Gifts, on the “GPO” island, during the 1 Year Anniversary Event. It has a 7 M1 base damage. The level requirement to trade it is 425+.

What is tall hat GPO Gift?

The Tall Elf Hat is an Uncommon head accessory with a 25% drop chance from Krampus, The Ravager at the Winter Cave. It is earned by opening the Gift of Tall Hat. It gives +2 stamina regen.

Is Mera good in GPO?

As of Update 4.951, Mera combined with 2SS would be one of the strongest and best overall PvP and PvE builds in the game as it gives the user great combo extenders with 2SS and massive damaging combo enders with Mera.

Did Elo Island get removed?

NOTE: THIS ISLAND HAS BEEN REMOVED IN UPDATE 4. The NPC’s there to kill are the Mini Bunny and Elo the Bunny.

How rare is Marine cap?

As the player had to be a tester to obtain the item, it is extraordinarily scarce, thus being highly valuable in the trading community. It could even be considered the “Holy Grail” of trading. As estimated by Buson (Buson#7650), there are more than 20 and up to 50 copies of the item.

Is Elo hammer GPO rare?

Elo’s Sledgehammer is a Rare “sword” that had a 5% drop chance from Elo The Bunny at Elo’s Island, during the Easter Event 2021.

What does Jester box Do GPO?

Jester’s Box is a Legendary item with a 1% drop chance from the Demon Jester at the Abyss. The Jester’s Box is a weapon that can be used for PVP, it has 1 Move that doesn’t require any stat points.

What is Lancer Gift?

The Gift of Lancer is an Legendary item with a 1% drop chance from Krampus, The Ravager. This gift when opened gives the item “Festival Lancer” The level requirement to trade it is 300+ If you try to open while already having Festival Lancer it will say “You already have the item this gift gives”

Where is winter cave GPO?

Winter Cave is an event island added in GPO’s Christmas 2021 update located in the Second Sea. Boats or other forms of transportation are unable to travel to the island as it is only accessed via Santa’s Sleigh teleporter in Winter Wonderland.

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