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What does Jin Hao mean?

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What does Jin Hao mean? Jin Hao, (Chinese: 金号; pinyin: Jīnhào), which translates to “Gold Number”, is a group of radio stations in Shaanxi, China serving Xi’an, China and the greater provincial area.

How do you say Ni Hao?

What is wo jiao in English? They both essentially mean the same thing, “I am called” vs “My name is”, but wo jiao is more casual and is probably used more commonly in daily speech.

Is Wo Ai Ni Cantonese? To say “I love you” in Mandarin, you would say “Wo ai ni”. To say this in Cantonese, you would say “ngo ngoi ney”. Say each part of these words slowly and practice them to make them sound perfect.

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What is wo yao in Chinese?

(wo yao yi ge…). It is informal and means ‘I want one of those…’. Accompanied with pointing, this phrase got me pretty far in most restaurants and shops. ‘Ge’ is the most commonly used measure word (or classifier) in Mandarin.

What does Wo De Ma mean?

(Wǒde mā ya!)” literally translates into “oh, my mother!”. But this isn’t what the phrase means and, in fact, this colloquial exclamation doesn’t have a practical meaning. Instead, it equates to “我的天哪!

What is Nani de?

So, “nani de” can literally be translated as “by what” or “with what”. It can be considered as a way to ask how to do something in Japanese. nan de – 何で (なんで) : a combination of “nani” and “de” which have a better connection of pronunciations. It can be used to ask how to do something.

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Table of Contents