What does Lan Sizhui call Wei Wuxian?

What does Lan Sizhui call Wei Wuxian? Wei Wuxian sometimes takes him into town to play, and he affectionately calls him “Xian-ge.” On one occasion, Wen Yuan refers to Wei Wuxian as his “mama.”

What does a yuan call Wei Wuxian? Wen Yuan decides that he will call Wei Wuxian “Mommy.” Wei Wuxian collapses as Wen Yuan proclaims Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian his Daddy and Mommy.

What does LAN Sizhui call Wei Wuxian? Wei Wuxian sometimes takes him into town to play, and he affectionately calls him “Xian-ge.” On one occasion, Wen Yuan refers to Wei Wuxian as his “mama.”

How old is Mo Xuanyu? He is 26-27 in the novel. he was taken to the Lanling Jin sect at 14 just after the death of Jin Zixuan (so 12-13 years before the revival of wwx).

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Are Jin Ling and Lan Sizhui related?

Though it may be considered incestuous as they could be considered cousins, neither of them are related by blood and consider each other friends in canon.

Why did Wei Wuxian name his flute Chenqing?

陈情 chenqing, in addition to being the name of Wei Wuxian’s flute, has meanings: 1) taking the first meaning of 陈 chen and the second meaning of 情 qing –> to explain oneself fully / to give a full account. Most notably, this is a reference to (well, many texts) the 《楚辞·九章·惜往日》Chuci / Songs of the South.

How old is a yuan?

In 1889, the yuan was derived from the Spanish dollar which circulated widely in southeast Asia since the 17th century due to Spanish presence in the region, namely the Philippines and Guam.

What episode did Wei Wuxian kiss Lan Wangji?

This scene, from episode 25 of The Untamed, might seem like just another tense moment between Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, the latter of whom has expressed reservations about the former’s newly honed powers of demonic cultivation; but to fans of Mó Dào Zǔ Shī, this particular moment in Baifeng Forest represents something …

What chapter did Wei Wuxian confess?

Wei Wuxian watched as Lan Zhan stepped back obediently, even when it was plain to see that he was enraged. All because he had fall in Jin Guangyao grasp in a moment of confusion.

Why does Wei Wuxian wear black?

WWX is the son of Changse Sanren, who married a servant in Jiang’s estate. I think Jiang’s policy is to “live and let live,” and WWX prefers red and black tones on him. Therefore he is often seen in Red and Black outfits, unlike usual purple representing Jiang family.

Is Lan Sizhui Lan Wangji son?

First among juniors, we have Lan Sizhui, aka Lan Wangji’s son. Precious angel. A good sweet boy who is kind and clever and deserves the world. The first person to show compassion to newly-resurrected Wei Wuxian in his guise as Mo Xuanyu.

Was Nie Huaisang mastermind?

Nie Huaisang the mastermind of summoning and the chain of events which subsequently led to the death of Jin Guangyao at the hands of Lan Xichen. He controls the whole situation and deceives everyone.

What did LAN Zhan name the rabbits?

Summary: At last, Wei WuXian discovers the names of Lan WangJi’s rabbits. “Wei Ying.” Wei WuXian was just about to treat Lil’ Apple to a delicious juicy apple when he heard Lan WangJi call his name.

Who is Jiang Cheng in love with?

The Web Series adds a romantic subplot wherein Jiang Cheng falls for Wen Qing at the Cloud Recesses, and even proposes to her at the start of the Sunshot Campaign to save her.

Did Lan Wangji adopt Yuan?

Lan Wangji finds Wen Yuan and takes him to the Cloud’s Recesses, adopting him into the Sect and renaming him Lan Yuan. He eventually gives him his courtesy name Lan Sizhui.

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