What does Marius represent in Les Misérables?

What does Marius represent in Les Misérables? He represents hope for the future, particularly in his love for Cosette. He comes from an aristocratic family but refuses to take money from them because of his political ideals. He is the only member of the revolutionary group to survive the uprising, as Jean Valjean saves him.

What is the age difference between Marius and Cosette? As they get married in 1833, Marius is around 23 years old. Both Cosette and Eponine who are romantically interested in Marius were born in 1815. Thus Cosette is 16 around when she meets Marius, Eponine dies around 17 and Cosette marries Marius around when she turns 18 in the novel.

What kind of man is Marius? Marius is a lawyer and an intelligent young man who falls in love with Cosette. He grows up at Monsieur Gillenormand’s place not knowing anything about his real father because Gillenormand forbade their communication and did not allow them even to see each other.

Is Marius a good person? In the end, Marius is a good person, but his inability to perceive the needs or feeling of others can at times make him unwittingly malicious.

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Is Marius a lycan?

Marius was the Lycan leader and the main male antagonist of Underworld: Blood Wars (the female being Semira). He is the new leader of the Lycans following the Purges and the decimation of the Antigen Lycans by Selene.

What is the characteristics of Marius in Les Misérables?

In the novel, Marius is rather shrewd and cruel, saying that Valjean would only embarrass both Cosette and himself and tells him to go, granting him a little time with Cosette each night. In the musical, Marius and Cosette visit the dying Jean Valjean right after their wedding.

Why is Marius so important?

Gaius Marius was one of the most important leaders of the Roman Republic. He was elected to consul a record seven times. He also made major changes to the Roman army which would change the future of Rome and make it the most powerful civilization in the world.

How does Eponine feel about Marius?

She’s desperately poor and living on the streets, but feisty and strong willed. She finds solace in her love for Marius (Redmayne), the handsome student revolutionary who never returns the feelings. Marius is a young man who’s become estranged from his wealthy grandfather due to his radical political views.

Why does Marius have respect for Thenardier?

Marius respects Thenardier because he believes that he had saved his father’s life during the battle of Waterloo.

Do Cosette and Marius end up together?

On Christmas of 1823, Cosette is adopted (and saved) by Jean Valjean. Later she grows into a beautiful young girl and marries Marius Pontmercy near the end of the story. She is also one of the few characters to have survived the entire course of the novel and musical.

Who defeated Marius?

Sulla, however, refused to give up control of his 35,000 strong army and went on to take Rome and defeats Marius.

Who does Marius fall in love with?

Courfeyrac has dubbed her companion “Leblanc,” (“the white one”) because of Valjean’s white hair. After a six-month absence, Marius returns to the gardens to find that the girl has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Marius instantly falls in love with her.

Why does Eponine help Marius?

Eponine would have brought a better relationship to Marius’s life because they grew up together, she truly cared for him, and his love for Cosette was superficial. Eponine showed how she truly cared for Marius through her loyalty and sacrifices she made for him.

Is Marius in love with Cosette?

Marius Pontmercy is the Deuteragonist from the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. He falls in love with Cosette and marries her at the end of the book/musical. He is one of the main characters the who survives to see the end of the novel.

How did Cosette and Marius fall in love?

While walking through the park, Cosette makes eye love with a young man named Marius and falls in love. Months later, Marius finds out where she lives and leaves a love letter for her in her backyard garden.

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