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What does Mo Guan Shan mean?

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What does Mo Guan Shan mean? Mo Guan Shan would be “Don’t cover up using your walls”. There are tons of meanings in his name as well, but all of them share a similar theme if you know his storyline. He really does hide all his feelings and acts like a mountain.

How old are the 19 Days characters? since we know the boys are in their last year of middle school and are going to graduate from it soon, it is easy to assume they are 3rd years in middle school, the 9th grade, and are 15. in the ‘future’ chapters, we know they are 18 at the very least considering xi is already in college at that point.

Are Tian and Jian Yi siblings? He is Tian’s older brother and works under Jian Yi’s father. Not much is known about him other that he cares about his little brother.

Is last game worth reading? It’s a good read. If you liked Special A then go on and read this. The last game is a great read if you like happiness and love.

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Is the manga 19 Days finished?

It started around November 2014 and is still ongoing. It can be read here. It is the Spear Counterpart to Their Story. It should be noted that the first 14 chapters take place after Jian Yi’s return.

What age group is The Promised Neverland for?

Parental advisory: The Promised Neverland is rated T+ and is recommended for ages 16 and up. This volume contains fantasy violence and adult themes”–Copyright page.

Who made Tamen de Gushi?

Tan Jiu (坛九 Tán jiǔ) is the author of Tamen De Gushi. Tan Jiu adopts a male persona but is actually female. They regularly collaborate with Old Xian, a Chinese artist known for their BL work.

Is promised Neverland worth reading?

The anime adaptation of The Promised Neverland manga released its first season in 2019 to critical praise. The show finally offered answers to anime fans wondering why manga readers were so obsessed with the series. But, for fans won over by the anime, is The Promised Neverland manga worth reading? Yes.

Who is brother Qiu?

Brother Qiu (丘哥; Chinese: Qiu ge) is a character in the 19 Days manhua. He works under Jian Yi’s father. Not much is known about his character other than that he follows orders by Jian Yi’s father, whether that be kidnapping or saving him.

Who is she Li in 19 Days?

She Li is a nickname, his real name is unknown. She Li is one of the main antagonists in 19 Days and is an enemy to Mo Guan Shan as well as He Tian. In chapter 294, we discover he was diagnosed with the rare pure sensory variant of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a condition characterised by sensory loss.

What is 19 days manhua about?

19 days tells the hilarious story about the daily school life of a group of hot-blooded teenagers their touching friendship and personal growth. Featuring characters Jian Yi (见一) and Zhan Zheng Xi (展正希) who are childhood friends, the handsome He Tian (賀天) and the reluctant Mo Guan Shan (莫关山). I love this manhua.

Does he Tian like Mo Guan Shan?

He has strong feelings for Mo Guan Shan. He Tian was initially seen hanging with Jian Yi and some other classmates, but quickly takes an interest in Mo Guan Shan, whom he begins to spend most of his time, despite Guan Shan’s reluctance.

Is 19 Days worth reading?

It’s fantastic, I suggest it. The story first revolves around daily life between friends. Funny and sweet. And after few chapters the plot starts, you’ll slowly come to know about each characters lives and also the progress between their relationship.

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