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What does the name Kuroko Tetsuya mean?

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What does the name Kuroko Tetsuya mean? Kuroko Tetsuya. 黒子テツヤ 黒 (kuro) + 子 (ko) = black child. Black Child is the literal translation, but what it actually means is “a person in the background” or “behind-the-scenes supporter”.

What is Daiki Aomine first name? He is third tallest in the Kiseki no Sedai (6’3″). He has a muscular physique, and his body is close in comparison to Kagami Taiga’s. Aomine isn’t exactly the nicest person around, but he isn’t heartless.


Love Meter
Full NameAomine Daiki
NicknameAominecchi, Dai-chan, Ahomine
ColorBlue (Ao)
BirthdayAugust 31

Is Daiki a girl or boy? Daiki (written: 大樹, 大輝, 大貴, 大生, 大己, 大毅, 大基, 大器, 大起, 大希, 大暉 or 大幾) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: Daiki Arioka (有岡 大貴, born 1991), Japanese idol, singer and actor.

What Momoi calls Aomine? She used to call Daiki Aomine “Dai-chan” when they were children, but she started to call him “Aomine-kun” in high school otherwise “people are gonna talk.”

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What does Midorima mean in Japanese?

緑 (midori) + 間 (ma) = Green Distance. Ma (間) means “space” in kanji. However, if one looks at Midorima’s shooting style, the word “distance” is far more appropriate and suitable.

What does Taiga Kagami name mean?

Kagami Taiga (火神大我 ) 火神大我 (Kagami) = Mirror. 火 (ka) + 神 (gami) = fiery spirit. I first read it as Fire God (which is also a possible translation) but it sounds better as fiery spirit. Pronunciation: Kah-gah-mee.

What does the name Kise mean?

Norwegian: habitational name from any of the four farmsteads named Kise from Old Norse Kísi which is probably related to German Kies ‘gravel’.

What is the meaning of Aomine Daiki?

Aomine Daiki. 青峰大輝 青 (ao) + 峰 (mine) = blue peak. Peak — pertains to Aomine’s talent that bloomed to the highest point possible. 大 (dai) + 輝 (ki) = big radiance.

What NBA player is Aomine based on?

Aomine – Kobe Bryant (Blue from Lakers colors): It’s hard to place Aomine, but as for an all-around player with phenomenal abilities, I think Kobe is the best option.

Which NBA player is Kagami?

Kagami Taiga = LeBron James. Kagami is an overwhelming opponent, using a devastating and impossible mix of power, technique, and sheer talent to smash through even the finest defenses and slam the ball home. Love him or hate him, LeBron’s game is almost exactly the same as Kagami’s.

Is Aomine Daiki black?

Apparently the author wanted a “black” character in the story as a stereotype of being the “best basketball player” but still wanted him to be Japanese, so he is a little lighter than Papa who is African. Another Black Japanese guy is Nebuya on the Rakuzan team who is the same color as Aomine.

What does Kagami mean?

What is the meaning of the name Kagami? The name Kagami is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Mirror.

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