What does warly mean?

What does warly mean? warily Add to list Share. When you do things warily, you’re cautious and concerned. Behaving warily is like treating the situation with kid gloves. There are a lot of things in life that should be approached warily — like bear cubs, for example. (Actually, they shouldn’t be approached at all).

What is hayai? Definition and meanings of “hayai”. hayai – 速い (はやい) : an i-adjective meaning ‘fast’ or ‘quick’ in Japanese.

What is Kekkou desu? When a salesman offers something and you like it, you can say “Kekko-desu” or “Ii-desu” meaning “That is good”. But when you do not want it, you can refuse by using the same expression. The intonation may be slightly different, and in most cases you nod for acceptance, and shake your head or wave your hand for refusal.

What is the opposite of hayai? The opposite of 速い (hayai) is 遅い (osoi). 遅い (osoi) means slow in Japanese. 遅い (osoi) can also mean late. Unlike hayai which has 2 different kanji for fast and early, Japanese use the same kanji 遅い to mean both slow and late.

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Is Kekkou desu polite?

けっこうです (kekkou desu) or いいです (ii desu) would let the store clerk know that it’s ok that she doesn’t have to help you anymore. But if you really want to differentiate the politeness of けっこう (kekkou) and いい (ii), I would say けっこう (kekkou) is more polite. As I said before, it all depends on the way you say it.

What is sai desu?

sai – 歳/才 (さい) : a suffix meaning ‘age’ in Japanese. Normally, it is used after a numeral or “nan” to add the meaning of “age”. desu – です : an auxiliary verb put after a noun, adjective, or phrase to make it polite.

What does 51921 mean in text?

51921 means “I Still Love You.” When read out loud in Chinese, the number 51921 sounds like the Chinese phrase which translates to “I still love you.” 51921 is now widely used online and in text messaging (even among non-Chinese speakers) as a declaration of ongoing devotion, usually with a connotation of forgiveness.

What is Mazui?

Mazui is a Japanese word meaning not good, or unwise. Learn more about its pronunciation and usage in the Japanese language below.

What does Iwalu mean in text?

I will always love you. IWALU is a sappy way to tell someone that you are wholeheartedly committed to them. Most people use it online, especially on social media and to end emails, and in text messages.

Does hayai mean early?

早 (hayai) means quick or early. It’s not to be confused with 速 (also pronounced as hayai), which means fast (as in referring to speed). The kanji is a pictogram of the acorns and catkins of sawtooth oaks and Japanese alders.

What does Yasuie mean?

Definition and meaning of “yasui”. yasui – 安い (やすい) : an i-adjective meaning ‘cheap’ in Japanese.

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