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What episode did Ichigo get his powers back?

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What episode did Ichigo get his powers back? Substitute Shinigami・Ichigo Kurosaki! is the three hundred and sixty-second episode of the Bleach anime.

What chapter is Aizen released? The latest chapter of Bleach was released this week and it is certainly a chapter that is a must read. Kicking off straight after chapter 617 ended we see Aizen walk out of the shadows and have that same damn smug face of his as he always has in this series.

Does ginjo betray Ichigo? Tsukishima attempts to cut Ichigo with his Fullbring, but Kūgo intercepts the attack and is cut instead. Kūgo then plummets to the ground. Kūgo betrays Ichigo. As Kūgo falls, Ichigo rushes to him and asks if he is okay.

What episode was Ichigo vs Aizen? Aizen vs. Shinigami is the two hundred ninety second episode of the Bleach anime. The Shinigami and Visored vow to protect Ichigo Kurosaki and defeat Sōsuke Aizen.

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What arc is episode 343 in Bleach?

3rd Year High School Student! Dressed Up, and a New Chapter Begins!

Episode Number343
Manga ChaptersChapter 424, Chapter 425
ArcThe Lost Substitute Shinigami arc
Previous EpisodeThank You

What chapter is episode 345 of Bleach?

Uryū is Attacked, A Threat Draws Near the Friends!

Episode Number345
Manga ChaptersChapter 428(Pages 5-8), Chapter 429(Pages 3-6), Chapter 430
ArcThe Lost Substitute Shinigami arc
Previous EpisodeA Dispute in School?! Ichigo and Uryū, Fight Together!

What is Bleach best arc?

Bleach: The 10 Best Arcs, Ranked

  • 8/10 The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc.
  • 7/10 The Arrancar Arrival Arc.
  • 6/10 The Substitute Shinigami Arc.
  • 5/10 The Thousand Year Blood War Arc.
  • 4/10 The Soul Society Invasion Arc.
  • 3/10 The Hueco Mundo Invasion Arc.
  • 2/10 The Soul Society Rescue Arc.
  • 1/10 The Arrancar Downfall Arc.

When did Bleach stop airing?

The series was directed by Noriyuki Abe, and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Studio Pierrot. It ran for 366 episodes, finishing on Ma.

What arc is after Aizen?

The third arc, the Arrancar Arc, features Ichigo’s battle against Sōsuke Aizen and his army of Arrancar. The fourth arc, the Bount Arc, follows Ichigo’s fight against Yoshino Sōma and her team of Bounts.

What happens in episode 365 of Bleach?

The Secret of the Substitute Badge is the three hundred and sixty-fifth episode of the Bleach anime. As the battle between Ichigo Kurosaki, Uryū Ishida, and Kūgo Ginjō intensifies, the truth behind the Substitute Shinigami Badge surfaces.

What was the last episode of Bleach?

Changing History, Unchanging Heart is the three hundred and sixty-sixth episode of the Bleach anime and the final episode of the anime’s original run.

What are all the Bleach arcs?


  • 2.1 Agent of the Shinigami arc (Episodes 1-20)
  • 2.2 Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc (Episodes 21-41)
  • 2.3 Soul Society: The Rescue arc (Episodes 42-63)
  • 2.4 The Bount arc (Episodes 64-91)
  • 2.5 Bount Assault on Soul Society arc (Episodes 92-109)
  • 2.6 Arrancar: The Arrival arc (Episodes 110-131)
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