What episode does Yuki and Tohru kiss?

What episode does Yuki and Tohru kiss? In season 2 episode 7 at the end Yuki kissed Tohru on the forehead but later in the series he said he saw her as a mother figure?

Does Yuki have feelings for Tohru? Yuki genuinely fell in love with Tohru when everything began but as time progressed he realized that tohru was in love with kyo that’s why he decided to let go of his feelings for her.

What is Kyo’s true form? An irregular member of the Zodiac, not only is Kyo discriminated against, disrespected, and has a future of confinement, he also has a true form which is a grotesque and foul-smelling monster— which he turns into when his Juzu bead bracelet is removed.

Who ended up with Yuki? Yuki first ends up with Kaname, but after he sacrificed his heart to create more anti-vampire weapons, she ends up with Zero who helped her raise her and Kaname’s daughter Ai Kuran. Zero and Yuki then end up having a son named Ren Kiryu.

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Are there any kiss scenes in Fruits Basket?

They got two cheek kisses in the series. The first one while she was still small was super sweet and innocent and then the second one is…the total opposite of innocent lol. Shigure and Akito is my number one guilty pleasure couple in Furuba. They are toxic and dysfunctional as hell, but that’s what makes them so juicy.

Does Yuki have a child with Machi?

Mutsuki Sohma (草摩 睦生, Sōma Mutsuki) is one of the deuteragonists of the Fruits Basket Another series. He is the son and only child of Machi and Yuki Sohma.

Who is Yuki in love with?

After becoming the president of the student council, Yuki gets to know a girl named Machi Kuragi. The two begin to spend time together, and Yuki eventually falls in love with her. The two confess their feelings to each other, just in time for the Curse of the Rat to be lifted.

Who does Momiji end up with?

Fruits Basket Another. At some point, Momiji married a woman and had one daughter with her, named Mina Sohma. It is revealed by his daughter that Momiji has inherited his father’s business and is now a very busy businessman who is always traveling.

Does Machi have OCD?

Machi’s classmates think she’s unstable and even gave her the derogatory title of “The Destroyer.” Though a common stereotype for OCD is focusing on keeping things perfect and orderly, Machi proves that OCD is much more than that. Her fixations and compulsions are the opposite of that stereotype.

How old is Machi in Fruits Basket?

16/16 Character Chart

Kisa Sohma12144.5 cm / 4’9″
Kyoko Honda33177 cm / 5’10”
Kagura Sohma18160.5 cm / 5’2.5″
Machi Kuragi16165 cm / 5’5″

How many kids do Tohru have?

In the sequel series Fruits Basket another, Tohru and Kyo are married with three children, their oldest son Hajime acting as the male protagonist.

Who ends up with who in Fruits Basket?

Because of their dedication to one another, Tohru and Kyo would eventually marry, have three children, and grow old together, and they are last seen lovingly walking hand in hand as their children and grandchildren talk about their love fondly.

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