What ethnicity is fade Valorant?

What ethnicity is fade Valorant? // Biography. Turkish bounty hunter, Fade, unleashes the power of raw nightmares to seize enemy secrets. Attuned with terror itself, she hunts targets and reveals their deepest fears—before crushing them in the dark.

Is Fade related to Reyna? This has since been retconned, and is no longer true. Due to their similar appearances, a joke-like theory has emerged, claiming that Fade is secretly Lucia (Reyna’s little sister). Needless to say, this isn’t a serious theory, and is not true.

Is fade agent 8? Fade is the 20th Agent to join the VALORANT PROTOCOL, and uses Radiant abilities based on her enemies’ fear.

What is Fade afraid of? However, Fade reveals that she’s scared of being slowed down. While Sova is known for his sight as a hunter, the new agent spotlights his fear of losing it. Cypher, a spy, is afraid of being on the radar and the cinematic shows it as many cameras are set on him.

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What race is Reyna VALORANT?

#1: Reyna. Nationality: Mexico. Agent Description: “Forged in the heart of Mexico, Reyna dominates single combat, popping off with each kill she scores. Her capability is only limited by her raw skill, making her sharply dependent on performance.”

Is fade Canon apex?

As Respawn has confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile lore is indeed canon, Fade’s presence in the Games is sure to pique the interest of Ash, Revenant, and Wraith. The Unleash Punishment event, as seen in Apex Legends Mobile. But by far, the most unique thing about Fade is his history.

How tall is fade Valorant?

Valorant Agents – Age, Weight & Height Chart

Agent NameAgeHeight
KAY/OUnknown175 cm
Chamber25-30180 cm
Neon15-20160 cm
Fade25-30165 cm

What is Phoenix’s accent?

He reiterated that “it’s hard,” but what isn’t hard is picturing Afolabi as Phoenix even despite that iconic South London accent.

Is fade Turkish Valorant?

Fade, Agent 20 in the VALORANT Protocol, is illuminated by Sova’s arrow as she confronts the team. It’s an auspicious entrance for the shadowy Initiator. But underneath her dark persona, her bounty hunter occupation, and her ability to harness nightmares, is a woman from Turkey.

Who plays fade Valorant?

Who voiced Fade in VALORANT? Fade’s voice actor is Selin Çuhadaroğlu, a Turkish actress who’s been active in her field since 2015.

Is fade Spanish Valorant?

The Turkish fear-inducing bounty hunter Fade is voiced by Turkish-born actress Selin Çuhadaroğlu.

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