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What gender is Akeno?

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What gender is Akeno? Akeno is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, very long black hair and violet eyes.

What rank is Akeno? Akeno Himejima (姫島 朱乃 Himejima Akeno) is the Second-in-Command of the Gremory group. Known as the “Priestess of Thunder” (雷の巫女 Ikazuchi no Miko?), she is the Vice-President of the Occult Research Club, and her rank is “Queen”.

Does koneko kiss Issei? Koneko gave her first kiss to Issei after he protected her and Kuroka from the grim reapers and accepting her proposal in Volume 24, making her his sixth bride.

What is Issei’s age? Appearance. Issei is a 17-year old high-school student of average height with short brown hair and light brown eyes.

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Who was Issei’s first girlfriend?

Raynare. Raynare was Issei’s first girlfriend, who disguised herself as Yuuma Amano to trick and deceive Issei in order to kill him because he was deemed as a “threat”.

Who is Issei’s queen?

After defeating the goddess Nyx, who was targeting Ingvild for her Longinus, Issei reincarnates her as his Queen.

Who are Issei’s kids?

Shirayuki is the daughter of Issei Hyoudou and Koneko Tojou. She is a nekomata-dragon hybrid, like Kurobara. She is an exceptional Youjutsu user. Cute and with a long, white hair, Shirayuki is said to take after her aunt Kuroka.

Who will marry Akeno?

After the events, Akeno has constantly been calling Issei “Darling” and started behaving like she is already his wife, meaning she accepted his proposal and the two are engaged.

Is Akeno a Waifu?

Now Akeno comes at Essei many times wih her sexy sadist ways as all she wants is Essi to me her man!


My Rating
HightLike 5’7
BirthdayJuly 21st
RankMy ultimate waifu

Does Rias like Akeno?

Akeno is seen as Rias’ main rival for Issei’s affection, as both are the most seductive towards him, and their fights will sometimes cause the other girls to back off. Despite this, the two of them care greatly for one another.

Who is more popular Akeno or Rias?

According to Ishibumi, Akeno was the most popular character before the first season of the anime aired, which caused Rias’ popularity to improve to the first position.

Who is Issei 2nd wife?

At the end of the volume, Issei asks Rias if he could talk to her casually in private times, to which she happily replies yes. In Volume 22, the two become engaged when Issei proposes to Rias after her graduation ceremony.

Is Akeno loyal?

She is first seen to be an elegant, loyal, and gentle girl but then turns into a sadist when fighting someone. She loves to tease Issei and Rias. She starts to tease Issei in Volume 3 of the light novels and later in Volume 4, she fell in love with him. Akeno has also stated that she has some masochism in her as well.

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Table of Contents