What gender is Sailor Mercury?

What gender is Sailor Mercury? Character Information

Name:Sailor Mercury
Lives:Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Occupation:Sailor Senshi

What are Sailor Mercury attacks? Sailor Mercury has the power to create and manipulate water. For the entire first story arc, she uses her water-manipulating capabilities only to create solid and dense clouds of mist and fog, chilling and blinding the enemy while her allies prepare more direct attacks.

What is Sailor Mercury’s catchphrase? Ami can transform into Sailor Mercury by saying “Mercury Power, Make Up!”. Her attacks are centered around snow, ice, water, sleet, and mist.

Is Sailor Mercury powerful? Sailor Mercury’s powers are strong in a defensive way, but her true superpower is her intellect, which complements her abilities when it’s time to organize the battlefield and plan the attack. The real advantage of staying hidden behind Mercury’s Bubble Spray is to take the advantage while enemies are disoriented.

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How did Sailor Mercury get her powers?

Mercury Aqua Mirage – An attack which only appeared in the manga and the Ami’s First Love special episode in the anime. Mercury Aqua Rhapsody – Sailor Mercury played the Mercury Harp to send blasts of water at her enemies. She gained this power after transforming with the Mercury Crystal.

Who is the most powerful sailor guardian?

Sailor Galaxia is the most powerful sailor Guardian there has ever been and is the ruler of Shadow Galatica. She is the last enemy of the entire Sailor Moon series. When she was born she was alone for a very long time.

Who is the strongest Sailor Scout?

Sailor Galaxia was always the most powerful of the Sailor Scouts, and in some ways, she’s even more powerful once she is taken over by Chaos and becomes evil. But at the end of the series, she survives the experience and Chaos is expelled from her body.

What is Sailor Moon’s full power?

Sailor Moon (character)

Sailor Moon
SpouseKing Endymion (husband)
ChildrenSmall Lady Kousagi Tsukino (Parallel Universe daughter)
AbilitiesGeneration of damaging energy Uses the power of Silver Crystal Healing powers Teleportation (with fellow Sailor Guardians)

Why is Sailor Saturn the most powerful?

Because Sailor Saturn and her Silence Glaive are capable of literally destroying the planet, it might seem like she’s the most powerful of Sailor Senshi. That isn’t necessarily true. In the manga and anime, Sailor Moon isn’t presented as destructive, but as a healing force.

Why is Sailor Saturn not Sailor Pluto?

Takeuchi decided that she wanted to tell a story about time travel and needed to come up with a new Sailor Soldier, she opted to go with Pluto instead of Saturn for both practical and thematic reasons.

What is Sailor Moon’s most powerful form?

Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power: The most powerful technique in the series, the power of all the Sailor Crystals, of the entire Cosmos (Existence) acting as one static unit.

Who is the oldest sailor guardian?

Sailor Pluto is by far the oldest Sailor Scout and the guardian of time, who mostly watched over the door of time. Sailor Pluto is stated to psychically appear between the ages of 19 and 20 by the official canon.

Who is the weakest sailor?

15/25 Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mercury is the first of the Inner Sailor Scouts, therefore we pin her as the weakest. When it comes to strength, that is the case, but the others would be lost without her incredible brain.

Why does Sailor Venus say Princess?

Not only that, but despite having been the self-proclaimed Sailor Venus, 1 she further claimed that she was was the true heir to the Moon Kingdom – Princess Serenity. She not only has the crescent on her forehead, but the Crescent Compact 2 to prove it.

Who is the smartest in Sailor Moon?

Ami Mizuno is not just the most intelligent of the five original Inner Sailor Guardians, but she is most probably the intelligent main character in the series overall.

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