What happened Daigo Beyblade?

What happened Daigo Beyblade? Daigo faced a crisis of faith when a part of his conscience led to him using an illegal move against Yugo Nansui. The experience caused him to give up on Beyblading, but after some soul searching, he moves on and returns to the game with a more positive attitude.

Who is Ray’s girlfriend in Beyblade? At the end of the manga series, Ray and Mariah are married and have a daughter named Lin. Mariah reprimands her when she kicks Daichi’s left leg after he called her tiny. In Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: Rising, she and Rei are a couple and she is mostly seen hanging around him for this reason as well as the Bladebreakers.

Why did Kai leave Beyblade? He was made to leave by his father Voltaire when he chose to Beyblade and bring happiness to children rather than inherit a large company. Kai tried to run after him but was restrained by his grandfather.

Why did Daigo switch guile? Play style. Since Street Fighter V’s balance patch in December 2016 that nerfed Ryu to balance the game, Daigo switched to Guile, a charge character. Daigo said, “I don’t care if I play a top tier character. I don’t need to pick a top tier character, but I want to have a character that can fight the top tiers.

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Does Daigo consider Kiryu his father?

He is the one to receive Kiryu’s last will and testament, wherein Kiryu admits that he has always seen Daigo as a son to him and apologizes for failing him as a father figure. Daigo proudly calls him his father in return.

How many times has Daigo won Evo?

Daigo Umehara’s career spans over two decades, with dozens of legendary performances in the biggest tournaments in the world, accumulating 6 EVO championships.

Who is Kai wife in Beyblade?

In the Beyblade epilogue, Kai is married to an unknown and unseen woman, with whom he has a son named Gou (Go) Hiwatari, who is seen blading with Makoto, Tyson’s son. Gou has an uncanny resemblance to Kai.

Why did Shu kurenai become evil?

This, coupled with his lingering bitterness over his loss to Lui and guilt over breaking his promise to Valt, led to him being coaxed by Ashtem into joining the Snake Pit, where power soon corrupted him, turning him into Red Eye, a ruthless Blader with a lust for victory and no sense of honor.

Does Kai like Tyson?

Though Kai initially strongly dislikes Tyson, he later accepts him as his closest friend, though this does not diminish the rivalry between them in any way when they face one another across the bey dish.

How did Daigo break his finger?

Daigo says that he slipped and fell earlier in the week which fractured his left pinkie and sent him to the hospital to get patched up. No mention as to how the injury may affect his gameplay or the Capcom Pro Tour Season Final is in the translated portion of his stream except to say that it hurts him to jump forward.

Why did Daigo drop Ryu?

“Things that Ryu is bad at already, or things that could’ve made him more interesting… These things weren’t changed for him,” said Daigo during a recent stream. “That’s why I don’t really want to play him.”

Is Daigo a surge?

Daigo is the second of two characters to own manga-exclusive evolutions in the Beyblade Burst Surge manga, the other being Delta Zakuro.

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