What happened Russian SPF?

What happened Russian SPF? What happened to YouTuber FPSRussia? FPSRussia’s downfall really started with the unfortunate death of Keith Ratliff, who was a part of FPSRussia’s production staff. He ran a gun store and supplied Myers with the guns and equipment seen on the channel.

What does FPS Kyle do now? During the show he is often the prank-call expert, and has a knack for prank-calling transsexuals in order to create big laughter. He now runs a gaming channel found here. His FPSRussia YouTube channel is here.

How tall is hickok45? College sports records indicate his height as 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 m). He has declared himself to be 6’8″. Originally from Kentucky, Kinman lives in Cheatham County, Tennessee.

What did FPSRussia go to jail for? Myres was arrested for felony possession of a restricted substance and 50 of his weapons, used for his YouTube videos, were confiscated under federal law that prevents drug users to be in possession of firearms.

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Who is the gun collector on Youtube?

“My name is Matt, but most people just know me as ‘The Collector,” the narrator says. “I collect cars, arcade guns–you name it. But mostly, I collect guns. Modern guns, small guns, historic guns, and big guns.

Who is Iraqveteran8888?

Eric Blandford is the YouTube personality known as Iraqveteran8888, the channel has over 2.2 million subscribers and has been in existence since 2008. He has guest starred in Ted Nugent’s Gun Country as well as appearing on Gunnytime twice as a weapons expert.

How many guns does Hickok own?

Hickok owned as many as 50 firearms in his life, according to Ed McGivern, but there’s good reason to believe this particular Model No. 2 was hidden somewhere on his person during that fateful poker game in Deadwood, South Dakota.

How much money does Hickok45 make off of youtube?

YouTube video

Was Hickok45 in the military?

In his “FAQ – 5” video, he states that he does not have military experience, and was a reserve deputy in his county of residence for 10 years. He also alludes to his past as a competitive shooter in several videos.

Who is paintball Kitty?

Kitty Wandel, better known online as Paintball Kitty, is an English YouTuber that is known for her skills on Call of Duty and in real paintball. She is also know for appearing in early videos of Kootra and Creature Talk, a podcast created by The Creatures.

How old is FPSRussia?

Kyle Lamar Myers (born: (1986-05-09) [age 36]) and Keith Ratliff (Febru – Janu [aged 32]), better known online as FPSRussia, was a popular American YouTuber whose videos largely consist of firearms and explosives destroying various objects.

Can FPSRussia still own guns?

Since Myers can’t own firearms anymore, it’s highly unlikely that FPSRussia will ever start making videos again.

Why did FPSRussia stop making videos?

The FPSRussia channel launched in April 2010 and found success early, reaching one million subscribers in June 2011. Myers ceased producing new videos in 2016 following the unsolved death of one of his associates and a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) felony charge.

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