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What happened to Walter on A Different World?

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What happened to Walter on A Different World? In the end. Walter decides to leave Hillman and move back to his hometown Philadelphia to manage community a center in Season 4 (“Never Can Say Goodbye”, episode #24).

Who did Whitley marry on A Different World? And then, Dwayne asked her to marry him on the spot… and Whitley said yes, and they got married at that ceremony. As romantic as it is messy, this final scene in the Season 5 finale is hands down one of the best and most memorable proposals in television history.

Who got pregnant on A Different World? Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxtable). After one season, Bonet became pregnant with then husband Lenny Kravitz’s baby and was let go from the show. Reportedly, some of the show’s other producers objected to the idea of a pregnant, unwed Denise.

Does Denise come back to A Different World? She only reappears once in season 3 to give Dwayne closure on his crush. Note: Denise originated as a regular character on The Cosby Show, on which she was featured on a regular basis during seasons 1–3 and 6–7, and on a recurring basis during seasons 4 and 5. She left “A Different World” after season 1.

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Why is Denise no longer on different world?

Lisa Bonet became pregnant while filming A Different World. It was suggested that they incorporate the pregnancy into the storyline, but Bill Cosby didn’t like the idea, declaring that “Lisa Bonet is pregnant, not Denise.” As a result, he fired Bonet from the show (via Cheat Sheet).

Is Hillman a real college?

Hillman College was a women’s college in Clinton, Mississippi, that existed from 1853 until 1942. It was originally named the Central Female Institute, and renamed Hillman College in 1891. It was organized by the Central Baptist Association, and remained in operation throughout the American Civil War.

Why did Marissa Tomei leave A Different World?

Allen wanted to keep the dynamic of having a white girl in a black college, but after one season, Tomei’s character disappeared too. Appearing on “Watch What Happens Live” in 2014, Tomei told host Andy Cohen that she was fired from the show– but there were no hard feelings.

Did they change Whitley’s father in A Different World?

Darryl M. Bell appeared as Ron throughout the first season, but didn’t become a regular until the show’s second season. Whitley’s father Mercer Gilbert had been played by 3 different actors Conroy Gedeon, Kenneth Washington and Ron O’Neal. Ron O’Neal also played a different character before he played Whitley’s father.

Who was the guy with the dreads on A Different World?

Gary Dourdan (born Gary Robert Durdin: Decem) is an American actor. He is known for portraying Warrick Brown on the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Shazza Zulu on the television series A Different World and Mickey Monroe in crime thriller Righteous Villains.

How long did Kadeem date Cree?

THEY DATED 25 YEARS AGO. While many fans are still hooked on the undeniable chemistry of Summer and Hardison in the TV show, not many know that the duo dated in real life. The on-screen tandem actually dated for a year.

Who does Kim end up with on A Different World?

After being pursued by him for months, she entered a relationship with Ron Johnson, but they later broke up. She later became involved with medical student Spencer Boyer. By the end of the series, she finished her first year of medical school and became engaged to Spencer.

Did jaleesa and Walter get married?

Jaleesa worked part-time at the Hillman library and was the assistant dorm director of Gilbert Hall. She also spent a summer working as a cable television installer. She was in a serious relationship with coach Walter Oakes and later became engaged, but they halted their wedding at the altar & ended their relationship.

What happened at the end of A Different World?

Series finale. Dwayne accepts the job in Tokyo; Kimberly gets engaged; friends reconcile. Series finale. Dwayne accepts the job in Tokyo; Kimberly gets engaged; friends reconcile.

Was A Different World Cancelled?

‘A Different World’ was a rating success throughout its run. But in its sixth season, the show’s time period was changed. Its ranking significantly dropped also, down to the 71st spot. In January 1993, NBC placed the show on hiatus because of low ratings. Subsequently, the network announced the cancellation of the show.

Who was the white guy on A Different World?

20. Matthew. Matthew was the token white guy on A Different World who everyone loved. He was Freddie’s cousin, so he had a bit of an inside track to Hillman College.

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