What happens at the end of Snow White with the Red Hair?

What happens at the end of Snow White with the Red Hair? In the newest volume of the manga Snow With With the Red Hair, Izana is crowned while Zen and Shirayuki face a huge obstacle to their relationship.

Who did Kiki marry?

Hisame Lugis
TitleSecond Son of Count Lugis
Personal Status
RelativesCount Lugis (Father) Amakize Lugis (Older Brother)
RelationshipsKiki Seiran (Fiancée)

Are shirayuki and Zen still together? She loved Zen, but she didn’t know how to say it. Later in the story, she confessed her love to Zen and also doubted if she could really be by his side, thankfully, Zen was able to reassure her that she is the only person he wants by his side, afterwards, he kisses Shirayuki and they become a couple.

Who does Kiki marry? In chapter 92, Kiki confesses and proposes to Mitsuhide, which he declines. She is later engaged to Hisame who has loved her for years, and she seems to be slowly reciprocating.

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Who does Obi end up with?

Obi is confirmed to be in love with Shirayuki. Obi was ranked 3rd in the character poll. He was ranked 3rd in the shipping poll with Shirayuki and 4th in the shipping poll with Zen.

Who is Shirayuki’s mother?

Tsurara Shirayuki (白雪 つらら, Shirayuki Tsurara) is the wife of Mizore’s father and the mother of Mizore Shirayuki who comes to the Academy’s festival under the belief from her daughter’s stories that Tsukune Aono is Mizore’s boyfriend.

How old is RYUU from snow white with the red hair?

Main article: Ryuu. He is one of the youngest characters being only 12 years old, but he is a court pharmacist.

Who does Prince Zen end up with?

Shirayuki and Zen love each other and, while they will encounter trials along the way, they will end up living happily ever after. That seemed to be the kind of story this was. Or, it did.

Does Zen know Obi like Shirayuki?

Zen is aware that Obi has feelings for Shirayuki, though trusts him to know his place and continue to serve his duties and protect Shirayuki.

How old is mitsuhide?

Mitsuhide Louen

AnimeAnime – MangaManga
Mitsuhide Rouen
Hair ColorGraying Black (sea blue in anime)
Eye ColorHazel (brown in anime)

Who is the villain in Snow White with red hair?

Evil Queen (Disney)

The Evil Queen
First appearanceSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Created byArt Babbitt (animation) Walt Disney & Joe Grant (design)
Portrayed byAnne Francine (musical) Jane Curtin (TV special) Various (Disney on Ice) Kathy Najimy (Descendants) Gal Gadot (Live-action film)
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