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What happens if you say no to Oscar ds1?

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What happens if you say no to Oscar ds1? If the player answers “No” to his question (refusing to hear his tale and request), the only way to obtain the Estus Flask and the keys is to kill Oscar or rest at a bonfire.

Who is the Queen of Dark Souls? Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight, also known as Gwynevere, Queen of Sunlight, is a character in Dark Souls. She is the daughter of Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight. She is voiced by Clare Corbett, who also voiced the Undead Female Merchant and Crossbreed Priscilla.

Should I give soul of artorias? There are no known benefits besides those of moral conscience for giving her Artorias’ Soul instead of killing her. (she gives you her blades silver tracer and gold tracer in exchange, which can be obtained from her dead body).

Is Nashandra a fragment of Manus? The queen, Nashandra, has a secret, Dark and ancient. She is the smallest piece of Manus, the Father of the Abyss. Long ago, after his defeat in the lost land of Oolacile, he split into miniscule fragments. As the fragments recollected, they assumed a human form.

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Is the DLC over after Manus?

That’s the end of the DLC, there’s nothing else (assuming you already killed Kalameet, but you probably didn’t). For Kalameet, go back to the entrance to Artorias’s arena and take the path down, where the dogs are.

Is Manus The final DLC boss?

Manus is the final boss of the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. He is encountered in the Chasm of the Abyss. It is possible to summon the past version of Great Gray Wolf Sif to aid in the battle.

Where is Princess dusk after Manus?

Immediately after Manus, Father of the Abyss is defeated, Dusk appears in the arena and can be spoken to, but will vanish if the player leaves the area. Her summon sign will return as before in Darkroot Basin.

What happened to Princess dusk dark souls?

She was saved by a knight she believes to be Artorias and thus survived the destruction of Oolacile, becoming the only known survivor. At some point after her rescue she became trapped in a golden crystal golem in what was to become the Darkroot Basin. In stasis inside the crystal, she was preserved until present day.

What happens if you say no to Dusk of Oolacile?

Dusk will thank you for freeing her and asks you if you need her magic. Answer “Yes” and she will tell you that you can summon her to buy magic spells from her. If you answer “No” she will disappear and not be available for the rest of that playthrough.

Why does Manus want the pendant?

Possessing the Broken Pendant will cause a black portal to spawn at the location where Dusk was rescued, allowing the player to travel back in time, accessing the Artorias of the Abyss content. Upon interaction with the portal, the hand of Manus reaches through time and pulls the player in a violent manner.

Is the furtive pygmy Manus?

Manus is the Furtive Pygmy. Deep in the dungeons below Oolacile, it would seem that the townsfolk tortured various humans. Broken-through cells can be found with chains dangling from the ceiling. One such tortured soul is found at the entrance of it, who seems to have been mounted and chained to a pole.

Why did Manus want dusk?

For whatever reason, Dusk escapes him and somehow ends up in the present time. Manus desperately wants to take revenge on every last Oolacilian he can get his hands on, and tries everything he can to get her back.

Who did Gwynevere marry?

After fleeing from Anor Londo, she married a deity named Flann, the God of Flame. He’s mentioned briefly as being one of the gods who also fled Anor Londo and one of the only who escaped intact leading him to meet Gwynevere. The two got married and raised their children together.

Is Gwynevere a giant?

Gwynevere is the only daughter of Lord Gwyn, making her the Princess of Sunlight (she calls herself Queen, but it’s actually mistranslated from the original Japanese). She appears as a giant woman resting in her chamber in Anor Londo but it is actually an illusion, created by her brother, Gwyndolin.

What is the best catalyst in ds1?

For all intents and purposes, when choosing the appropriate Catalyst for your Int, there are really only 4 to consider (out of 9 catalysts). They are: Oolacile Ivory, Sorcerer’s/ Beatrice’s/ Izalith, Logan’s, Tin Crystallization (TCC). TCC is the strongest for all levels above 32.

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