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What happens to Iris in fire force?

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What happens to Iris in fire force? As soon as the church had been set on fire, she and Hibana watched when all the sisters have been incinerated, ending Iris and Hibana the only two who survived the tragic fire incident.

Who does Shinra train with? Licht discloses to Company 8 the clues he found to White-Clad’s possible location but Hibana is still wary of his true intentions. Meanwhile, Shinmon Benimaru begins training Shinra and Arthur, and puts them through rigorous training to improve their raw combat skills.

Who has a crush on shinra? There are “crushes” though, and Hibana is one of the anime characters with a crush. She’s into Shinra Kusakabe, ironically the same guy who “smacks” some sense into her when she’s having that “villain” phase in season 1.

Is Inca in love with Shinra? Inca is very cheerful, flirtatious and outgoing. Wanting a new goal, she fell in love with Shinra because he is the reason she was able to experience death and now wants to live a life where she doesn’t die and to experience many things.

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Is Shinra a God?

God (神, Kami) is the god who came after to take back the Powers from the Human.


God Edit
AliasGod (死神, Kami)
Relative(s)Shinra Kusakabe (Creator) Kid (Creation)

Why does Shinra smile when he’s nervous?

Shinra’s known for his creepy smile that he seems to always have in situations that don’t really fit. It’s mentioned in the first episode of the series but afterwards isn’t particularly focused on, but this actually comes from a condition known as nervous laughter.

Who is the girl in Shinra’s dream?

During Shinra’s journey back to Tokyo, he sees her in his dream. Believing that she is crying amongst flames hot enough to evaporate her tears, he asks if she is inside the Amaterasu power plant. The woman simply gives him a deranged smile and he wakes up, deciding to use Amaterasu as a name for this mysterious woman’.

Who is the most loved character in Fire Force?

The publisher of Fire Force, Weekly Shōnen Magazine, periodically do polls for the readers to vote on their favourite characters.

1st Character Poll

  • Hibana (537 votes)
  • Akitaru Ōbi (461 votes)
  • Takehisa Hinawa (401 votes)
  • Mera Mera (332 votes)
  • Shō Kusakabe (331 votes)
  • Pusu Pusu.

Does shinra get with Iris?

As can be seen all throughout the last couple chapters of the manga, Iris and Shinra have finally gotten together, with the inclusion of Inca.

Does Shinra get blue flames?

Shinra achieves Hysterical Strength by experiencing the “Pressure of Death”, a death-like sensation brought about by significant stress, triggering his survival instincts. When Hysterical Strength is active, his flames turn blue due to their intensity and higher temperature.

Who is the son of Shinra?

Rufus Shinra is President Shinra’s son, and the current vice president of the Shinra Electric Power Company in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

Does Princess like Shinra?

She also has apparently developed romantic feelings for Shinra as after telling her he could be her hero the flowers in her eyes changed to hearts for a moment and during the party between their squads fed him.

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Table of Contents
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