What happens to stinger in tagged?

What happens to stinger in tagged? Episode 3.05, “Possessed”, had Rowan and Elisia making another shocking revelation thanks to Stinger’s research: she had been killed during a home invasion, with police photos Stinger found revealing that she had been strangled to death.

What happened in season 3 of tagged? Season 3 (2018). After the bonfire, Rowan and Elisia are determined to confront KingCobra, convinced they now know who it is. Rowan’s and Trevor’s worlds collide as they learn some interesting news, while Elisia continues her search for answers surrounding Ash’s shooting.

Who is Nikki In tagged? Nicki Sullivan is a main character in the first, second and third seasons of t@gged. Nicki is the best friend of Hailey and was revealed to have been an accomplice to Monkeyman, having been blackmailed by him. Nicki is a student at Hilland High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the United States.

Who is stinger in tagged? Rajiv Dhall is an Indian American singer and actor, he portrayed the hacker Stinger in every episode throughout the second and third seasons of the AwesomenessTV drama series t@gged.

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Do ash and elisia get back together?

Their relationship began prior to the series premiere and they got back together in the first season, remaining together throughout the series.

What happens to Trevor in tagged?

As Trevor starts to come to terms with his sexuality and feelings for Brandon, he begins to show signs of depression and his grades start to slip. He sleeps more and begins pulling away from his friends for fear that they wont understand.

Did Brandon and Trevor Hook Up In tagged?

Actually, going back to your earlier question, this is the most surprising part about Brandon’s storyline. Trevor and Brandon have a past where they hooked up one night, which I thought was really cool and unexpected. It was cool to explore and talk with my co-star, Braeden [Lemasters], about it.

Who is Monkeyman T GGED season 3?

Dunbar Rakes is the main antagonist in the first season of the AwesomenessTV drama series t@gged. He is revealed to be Monkeyman and is the cousin of Zoe Desaul.

Who is the girl with braids in tagged?

Elisia is a white woman in her late teens, she is short and thin with curves. She has long straight, brown hair that is often put in braids or ponytails and green eyes.

Does Hailey come back tagged?

However, after a few weeks of tutoring from Hawk (as well as some tough love), Hailey began to “wake up” and rejoin the world again, which included involving herself in the plan to expose King Cobra.

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