What is a fancy word for garbage?

What is a fancy word for garbage? debris, detritus, dreck, dregs, dross, filth, junk, muck, offal, rubbish, rubble, scrap, scrapings, sewage, slop, sweepings, swill, trash, waste, odds and ends.

Is it reckless or wreckless? Explanation: Wreckless is an incorrect spelling for the word reckless. The word reckless means “without caution” or “without thinking about the consequences.” The word wreck means “ruin.” It’s true that performing actions without thinking of the consequences may ruin something, but there’s no such word as wreckless.

What’s a train wreck slang? or train·wreck. Slang. a person who has experienced a personal failure, disaster, etc. Slang. a disastrous situation, occurrence, or process: His football career has been a train wreck.

What’s another word for hot box? What is another word for hotbox?

SCUadministrative segregation
security housing unitSHU
solitary confinementspecial handling unit

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What is a hot mess slang?

Hot mess is used to describe a particularly disorganized person or chaotic situation. In some uses, a person described as a hot mess is attractive but just barely keeping it together.

What is wreck in slang?

If you say that someone is a wreck, you mean that they are very exhausted or unhealthy. [informal] You look a wreck. More Synonyms of wreck.

What’s another word for hot mess?

What is another word for hot mess?


What is train in slang?

As early as 1949, train was used to refer to group sex involving one woman and multiple men who had sex with her in sequence. Pulling a train typically meant submitting a woman to this treatment without her consent, a form of gang rape.

What means trainwreck?

1 : a violent and destructive crash involving a train. 2 : an utter disaster or mess : a disastrous calamity or source of trouble Six months later, with Washington facing a political train wreck in Iraq, whom did it call?

What is a synonym for dumpster fire?

shitshow. The not-very-nice word shitshow is used to describe essentially the same situation as a dumpster fire: a mess that is completely unsalvageable.

What does the idiom train wreck mean?

something that fails completely or goes extremely badly: The movie was a train wreck. After last year’s train wreck of a season, we have to do better.

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