What is a female headmaster called?

What is a female headmaster called? The term is gender-specific, and refers to a male in the position. A female in the same role would be called a headmistress.

What is rung alt mode? His alt mode, which appears to be nothing more than a giant stick, has been labeled “ornament” by the old functionalist regime, that is to say no one knows what the purpose of his alt-mode is or what it does; not even Rungs seems to know.

Who took over from Optimus Prime? Ultra Magnus is chosen by Optimus to take over his mantle and lead the Autobots in his stead. While the character fits the bill on paper, it was clearly visible he was not ready for the responsibility. In the world of Transformers, one simply cannot become the Autobot leader if the predecessor wills him to.

Who is the leader of the Autobot Headmasters? Chromedome leader the Autobot Headmasters. According to an interview with Kaneda Masumi, Chromedome was chosen to lead the Headmasters in the animated series because he was an automobile like Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime.4 days ago

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Is Apeface a headmaster?

Soon, Apeface was one of six Decepticons who underwent binary bonding with the organic Nebulans to become a Headmaster. He became bonded to Spasma, improving his battle prowess significantly.

Is Apeface a triple changer?

Apeface figure is a Triple Changer with ape and aircraft modes. Fans can remove the head of the Apeface figure’s ape mode and convert it to his Titan Master, Spasma.

How many headmaster transformers are there?

The Transformers. The four large Autobot Headmasters were sold boxed. They transform into futuristic/Cybertronian vehicles.

Is brainstorm a Decepticon?

Following the outbreak of the Great War, Brainstorm joined the Autobots and became a double agent for the Decepticons, spinning old information in different ways to make it seem as if he was feeding the ‘Cons intelligence about new advances.

Who is a headmaster of a school?

A headmaster is the principal of a private school. Your prep school headmaster might have also taught your favorite English class. The head of a school, especially if the school is in Britain or is private or a boarding school, is called a headmaster.

Is headmaster and principal the same?

Principal is a term used for the person who is in-charge of a higher secondary or senior secondary school while headmaster is incharge of primary block of a higher secondary school. Further a headmaster mostly reports to a principal when both the post exists in an institute and the converse never holds.

Is head teacher the same as principal?

The role of Principal usually matches the role of a Headteacher, but is a term that is now commonly used in academies. Principals are usually supported by Vice and Assistant Principals. An Executive Headteacher is responsible for the management of more than one school.

What is the role of headmaster in school?

In an effective school, the headmasters should have the features listed below: “The headmaster oversees the educational programs prepared by the teachers; the headmaster’s communication with the teachers, students and parents are strong; the headmaster is successful in restoring discipline and order among the students …

Who is known as principal?

The owner of a private company, partnership, or other type of firm is also referred to as a “principal.” This is not necessarily the same as a CEO.

Who comes after the headmaster?

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. The position below that of the headmaster in a school is the deputy headmaster.

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