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What is a gigolo slang?

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What is a gigolo slang? noun, plural gig·o·los. a man living off the earnings or gifts of a woman, especially a younger man supported by an older woman in return for his sexual attentions and companionship. a male professional dancing partner or escort.

Who is a Casanova guy? The definition of a casanova is a man who is passionate about women and has many lovers. An example of casanova is the story of Don Juan. A promiscuous, philandering man.

Who is a chaste person? If you describe a person or their behaviour as chaste, you mean that they do not have sex with anyone, or they only have sex with their husband or wife.

What is another word for romantic partner? What is another word for romantic partner?

soul matetrue love

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What are synonyms for gigolo?

synonyms for gigolo

  • Casanova.
  • Lothario.
  • inamorato.
  • lover.
  • seducer.
  • Don Juan.
  • ladies’ man.
  • lady-killer.

What is a male lover called?

Male equivalent. “Paramour” is sometimes used, but this term can apply to either partner in an illicit relationship, so it is not exclusively male. If the man is being financially supported, especially by a wealthy older woman, he is a “sugar baby”, “kept man” or “toyboy”.

What is a slang word for cheater?

swindler, deceiver, defrauder, grifter, scammer, shark, trickster, victimizer, bilk, con artist, cozener, fraudster.

What’s another word for Casanova?

Casanova Definitions and Synonyms. This is one of several names from literature that can be used to refer to men like this. Others are Don Juan, Lothario, and Romeo.

What are female playboys called?

Playboy Bunnies are a separate entity from Playboy Playmates, women who appear in the centerfold pictorials of Playboy magazine, however, a few Playboy Bunnies went on to become Playmates and vice versa (see below).

What is another name for womanizer?

What is another word for womanizer?

heartbreakerDon Juan

What is a word for male lover?

What is another word for male lover?


What’s the female word for gigolo?

female gigolos is different. Female gigolos are called mistresses, and find wealthy older men to support them through personal ads, etc — this is more a long term prospect.

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