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What is a Level 5 triage?

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What is a Level 5 triage? Since 2000, there has been a trend toward standardization of triage acuity scales that have five levels: 1- Resuscitation, 2- emergent, 3- urgent, 4- less urgent, 5- non-urgent.

Is Triage X Cancelled? Artist Shoji Sato said on his Twitter account on Tuesday that the Triage X manga will not end with its 21st volume.

Does Mikoto like Arashi? Arashi is Mikoto’s partner whom she starts to develop romantic feelings for him throughout the series.

Who is the MC in Triage X? Arashi Mikami (三神 嵐 Mikami Arashi) is the main male protagonist. He is a handsome but socially awkward high school student that joins Black Label, a vigilante group that deals with criminals the police is unable to.

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What happens in Triage X?

The story follows Arashi Mikami and his work as an assassin as he works together with other members of the vigilante group Black Label to wipe out organized crime in the fictional city of Tobioka. The series also shows segments of Arashi’s school life, which often intertwines with his secret life in Black Label.

Who is Mikoto in love with?

Mikoto originally loved and respected Takemikazuchi as if he was her own father. However, her love for him soon became that of a lover. She loves him romantically and is often shown to be jealous when she sees him with another woman.

Who is Mikoto Misaka boyfriend?

Mikoto had a crush on Touma for a long time but only realized that she had fallen in love with him near the end of the Acqua of the Back Arc.

How many episodes does triage have?

Triage has a total of 13 episodes. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 10 hours. Triage started airing on Ap and ended its last episode on J.

Who is the most powerful MC character?

Otherwise known as Toshinori Yagi, All Might is one of the main characters in My Hero Academia and is regarded as the strongest hero in the world. His Quirk, One For All, is passed from legendary hero to legendary hero and is easily one of the strongest in the entire MHA universe.

What does triage yellow mean?

YELLOW: (Delayed) serious injuries but not immediately life-threatening. GREEN: (Walking wounded) minor injuries.

What does triage level 5 mean?

There are 5 Triage Levels.. Level 3- URGENT, for example, someone with pneumonia and difficulty breathing. Leve l 4-LESS URGENT, for example, someone with an earache or a minor cut requiring stitches. Level 5- NON URGENT, for example, someone with minor symptoms or needing a prescription renewal.

Who does Arashi Narukami like?

Arashi has a crush on Akiomi, and, during her first year, she had dyed-brown hair and glasses to match him.

Is Mikoto in love with Touma?

Mikoto was among the first people to discover Touma’s memory loss, albeit by accident. Mikoto had a crush on Touma for a long time but she realized that she had fallen in love with him near the end of the Acqua of the Back Arc.

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