What is another synonym for toss?

What is another synonym for toss? Words related to toss. bung, cast, chuck, chunk, fire, fling, flip, heave, hurl, launch, lob, peg, pitch, sling, twirl, wing, agitate, agonize, bob, buffet.

What is the opposite word for rebuttal? What is the opposite of rebuttal?


What is the difference between a toss and a throw? Toss is either a soft, underhanded throw, or a careless throw. Tossing the mail on the table = throwing them down without paying attention to where they land. “Toss” generally means to throw something upwards or in a gentle arc, whereas “throw” includes that but also includes throwing it hard, straight at something.

What is the meaning of tossed and turned? idiom. to move around restlessly while sleeping or trying to sleep: I was tossing and turning all night. Want to learn more?

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What does it mean to toss yourself?

To begin dealing with or working on some difficult or onerous task or undertaking with great energy, enthusiasm, or determination. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between “toss” and “at.” I tossed myself at the tricky math equation, determined not to let it stump me.

What means shuffle off?

Definition of shuffle off. transitive verb. : to get rid of : push away : shirk when we have shuffled off this mortal coil— Shakespeare shuffle off the heavy burden of our guilt— Richard Chase teachers cannot … shuffle off their responsibility— C. I. Glicksberg.

What is the opposite of shuffle?

What is the opposite of shuffle?

composedraw up
soothestraighten up

What is the meaning of shuffled through?

(shuffle through something) to look for something in a group of things, in a container, or in your pockets. He sat there, shuffling through the papers on his desk.

What is example of tossing?

Verb She tossed the ball high in the air. She tossed the paper at the recycling bin. He tossed his dirty socks onto the floor. He tossed his head back.

What does let’s toss mean?

6 tr to shake, agitate, or disturb. 7 to toss up a coin with (someone) in order to decide or allot something. I’ll toss you for it, let’s toss for it. 8 intr to move away angrily or impatiently.

What’s another word for tossed around?

What is another word for tossed around?


What do you mean by tossed?

toss verb (THROW). to throw something carelessly: He glanced at the letter and then tossed it into the bin. The bull tossed him up into the air. [ + two objects ] Andrew tossed him the ball. Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples.

What is another name for sprightly?

Some common synonyms of sprightly are animated, gay, lively, and vivacious. While all these words mean “keenly alive and spirited,” sprightly suggests lightness and spirited vigor of manner or wit.

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