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What is Ao Ashi based on?

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What is Ao Ashi based on? Anime Information. Ao Ashi (アオアシ) is an upcoming TV anime series based on the manga of the same name by Naohiko Ueno and Yuugo Kobayashi. It is set to air in Spring 2022. The studio and pv were first released on Octo.

Is Ao Ashi on Netflix? A passionate and ambitious coach scouts a diamond-in-the-rough teen in Ehime for the Tokyo Esperion youth soccer academy. Watch all you want.

Is Ao Ashi a good anime? To sum up, to me, Ao Ashi’s pros outnumber its cons and are very interesting, so I consider Ao Ashi a “top tier” sports anime in its own way. It is very different from other sports anime in aspects I have mentioned above, but that’s what makes it worth watching.

Is Ao Ashi anime completed? The final episode of the season aired last week. The first season of the manga series, ‘Ao Ashi’, concluded on Septem. The sports-themed anime series received positive reviews and was widely loved by the audiences in its first season.

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Is Ao Ashi dubbed?

The company will begin streaming the English dub for the television anime of Yūgo Kobayashi ‘s Aoashi manga on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. EDT. The English cast includes: Ciarán Strange as Ashito Aoi. Eric Vale as Tatsuya Fukuda.

Is there any good soccer anime?

12 Best Soccer Anime & Manga, Ranked

  • 12/12 Fantasista.
  • 11/12 Sayonara Football.
  • 10/12 Farewell My Dear Cramer.
  • 9/12 Hungry Heart: Wild Striker.
  • 8/12 Captain Tsubasa.
  • 7/12 Giant Killing.
  • 6/12 Whistle.
  • 5/12 Inazuma Eleven.

Is there any romance in Ao Ashi?

Throughout the progression of the story it is implied that Hana has romantic feelings for Ashito, which is later confirmed when she confesses she loves him to Noriko, who she has a good relationship with.

Who does AOI end up with?

While passing by, Aoi meets a masked man and gives him food. She then meets him again and is left a wrapped box as well as a rose-quartz hairpin ornament. She proceeds to open this and is sent to the hidden realm to be Ōdanna’s bride. As collateral for Shirō’s debt of 100 million yen, Aoi is forced to marry him.

Where does the Ao Ashi anime leave off?

The Ao Ashi anime concluded with chapter 117 of the manga. Therefore, fans wanting to continue the story should start reading Ao Ashi from chapter 118. Ao Ashi Chapter 117 is titled Rain and covers the emotional conversation between Ashito and Hana at the end of Season 1.

How many episodes will Ao Ashi have?

And Ao Ashi’s portrayal is frightening at first hand for how different Ashito looks at the end of the 24 episodes.

What does Ao Ashi mean in English?

Ao means ‘blue”, which is the colour of Japan national football team, while ashi means “feet”. Ao (青) also comes from (“青春”, lit. “youth”, “blue spring”). The title also means “blue reed”, which represents immaturity.

Does AOI Ashito become a defender?

After spending most of the previous episode being heartbroken that he would have to become a defender, Ashito eventually steeled his resolve in the end. He made up his mind and decided that he would do what Fukuda asked, despite it feeling unthinkable for him.

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Table of Contents