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What is Avdol real name?

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What is Avdol real name? The name “Avdol” is a common fan nickname for the character Mohammed Abdul from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Can Avdol beat DIO? He surely would have been helpful to the rest of the Crusaders in the fight against DIO, but Avdol stood no chance in a one-on-one fight against the strongest villain in the arc.

Is Avdol Egyptian or black? Avdol is a black man (of Egyptian nationality) of above-average height and medium to heavy build. He wears a simple, heavy overcoat of light color, with sleeves of elbow length.

Can Hamon hurt stands? Hamon also isn’t just sunlight energy, it can be used as kinetic energy (enough force to counter the strength of a bullet). So while the sunlight part of hamon can’t affect humans, the kinetic energy could be distributed into the stand, damaging it.

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What age is Avdol?

Muhammad Avdol
SeriesJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
AgeSomewhere in his late 20s

What language does Avdol speak?

Additionally, we know at least one character speaks French. Avdol speaks fluent Arabic, so that part’s fine.

Is Avdol Islam?

This guy is PROBABLY a Muslim — a very very heavy strong emphasis on PROBABLY. He is from Egypt and his name is “Muhammad” Avdol/Abdul.

What did Avdol name his chickens?

3 Avdol’s Chickens. There’s a passing comment where Avdol reveals that the names for his chickens are Prince, Michael Jackson, and Lionel Richie.

Is polnareff sister alive?

Sherry Polnareff (シェリー・ポルナレフ, Sherī Porunarefu) is a minor character mentioned in Stardust Crusaders. She is Jean Pierre Polnareff’s little sister who was murdered by J. Geil, prompting Polnareff to seek revenge against her killer.

Who was Avdol killed by?

Unaware of the abilities of Hol Horse’s Emperor and J. Geil’s Hanged Man, Avdol initially fell prey to a combination attack of the two Stand users, being stabbed from behind by J. Geil’s Hanged Man and shot by Hol Horse’s Emperor.

Who is Joseph Joestar in love with?

Joseph loved Suzi Q ever since he laid his eyes on her. Before leaving for Switzerland, he promised her that he would come back for her, and he did. Joseph and Suzi Q had a child together who came to be known as Holly Joestar. But, that was it for their romance.

Was Avdol born with a stand?

Obviously, there’s the good boys Kakyoin, Polnareff and Avdol who have been confirmed as born stand users.

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