What is Cromax pm steel?

What is Cromax pm steel? Cromax. Cromax is actually a family of steels designed for industrial use, primarily in pistons for hydraulic systems. As a result, it is very tough and machines uniformly. Currently, only Shirogorov uses the steel, labeled as “Cromax PM” on its Urusus model.

Where are Koenig knives made? Koenig Knives is a fast-growing, Idaho-based knife manufacturer, recognized by many as one of the premier knife-making companies in the market today. Bill Koenig started the company back in 2013, using his off-days in between his long shifts working the oil fields in North Dakota to build the business.

Who designed the Koenig arius? Bill Koenig started out with a vision to create the perfect everyday carry blade that combines the best modern materials with an unmatched level of craftsmanship. And with the Koenig Arius Style 57, he has achieved that and raised the bar for one and all.

Where in Russia are Shirogorov knives made? SBW’s motherland is Yaroslavl. The city was famous for its artisans, including armorers from time immemorial. It fell to Sergey and Igor Shirogorov to glorify Yaroslavl in the new millennium. Brothers founded their workshop in 2009, but the history of making folding SBW knives is much older.

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Are Shirogorov knives worth it?

Shirogorov Ne0n Review – Final Thoughts. It’s well made, capable, and looks extremely cool. If there was any critical flaw it’s simply that this is an expensive knife. They weigh in at $715, this puts them into the realm of a decent custom build or other high-end production brands like Rockstead.

What is the smallest Shirogorov knife?

The Neon (technically known as the NeOn Lite) is Shirogorov’s take on a smaller sized piece. At 3.25 inches of beautiful CPM-S90V designed as a flat ground blade, the Neon offers everything that larger sibling models such as the Hati and F95 have to offer in terms of usability and quality, but with much less bulk.

Where is custom knife factory from?

The company is located in Russia, buys its raw materials in the USA and Europe, collaborates with Russian designers and outsources part of the production to China. Special modified versions of their standard production models are made in Russia.

What is the toughest steel for knives?

W2 Steel is some of the toughest steel you can find and is excellent for outdoor knives. Cru Forge V Steel: This is high-carbon steel from Crucible, with . 75% manganese and vanadium. It can withstand high-heat treatment, and Brelje turns to this steel when he’s looking for superior edge retention.

Who founded Shirogorov knives?

Shirogorov was originally founded by brothers Igor and Sergei. Unfortunately Igor passed away in 2015. Shirogorov is often categorized as pioneers in the recent trend of high end production knives coming out of Russia and Asia.

Who makes CKF knives?

But the main creators of CKF are still Anton Malyshev (aka Tohus) and Alexei Konygin (known as Ratatouille). Malyshev made a perfectly balanced flipper “Sukhoi”. Konygin designed a shamanic knife “Crocar” and fantastic “Decepticon”. The “Decepticon” has already survived five reincarnations.

Where is CKF made?

Based out of Russia, CKF is a relatively new outfit that straddles the line between “production” and “mid-tech” knives. They offer knives in batches as limited offerings per production run, typically farming out much of the machining work to China, and then fit and finish the knives in-house by hand.

Are Koenig knives good?

The Koenig Arius is a nice knife. A very nice knife. It rivals the action of the most highly praised knives around, the Norseman and the Specter.

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