What is Floch to Eren?

What is Floch to Eren? Blind Obedience — With Floch being Eren’s representative, he blindly follows Eren, which will soon cause his own death. Secret Keeper — Floch kept Eren’s true intentions from the public until Eren started the rumbling.

How old is Pieck? 6/9 Pieck Finger, The Cart Titan Shifter, Is Approximately 21. Based on the fact that Pieck Finger is around the same age as Reiner Braun when he’s sent on the mission to infiltrate Paradis Island, it’s likely that she’s also around 21 years old.

Does Gabi shoot Floch? In an effort to prevent the show’s newly formed group of heroes from escaping the port via a ship docked in the harbor, Floch attempts to use his last remaining Thunder Spear to blow up the vessel. However, just as Floch manages to pull the trigger, he is shot by Gabi, who is standing on the boat’s helm.

How do you pronounce Floch?

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Did Floch become evil?

Floch Forster is a major antagonist of the anime Attack on Titan, serving as a supporting character in the Return to Shiganshina arc before becoming a villain and serving as a supporting antagonist of the Marley arc, a major antagonist in the first half of the War of Paradis arc, and the secondary antagonist of said …

Why do people like Floch so much?

Because he is an extremely polarizing character (especially in the Rumbling arc). Even more so than Eren. Reasons people like Floch: He went from a coward to a frighteningly brave individual post his encounter with the beast titan.

Why was Floch so strong?

Erwin’s speech motivated Floch to be courageous in the face of death. Erwin’s skills as a leader and ability to motivate others inspired Floch. He advocated for Erwin to be saved over Armin because he believed that he was the only person who could lead them to the future.

Is Floch a good guy?

Floch Forster is one of Attack on Titan’s most hateful, despicable villains. He’s also the only true main antagonist across the entire anime. Floch isn’t just the best villain in Attack on Titan – he’s also the only real antagonist Hajime Isayama’s anime ever introduces.

Did Eren tell Floch his plan?

Eren Jaeger’s genocidal plan was a well-kept secret in Attack on Titan, but it turns out Floch Forster isn’t the only person he told ahead of time. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 28, “The Dawn of Humanity,” now streaming on Funimation, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Why was Floch looking for Mikasa?

When Cart Titan launched a surprise attack, Floch was saved by Jean who got captured in his stead. Seeing this as the opportunity to get rid of the Cart Titan, he called out to Mikasa Ackerman, who has the strength to stand against the nine titans, to capture the Cart Titan.

How old was Floch Forster?

When is Eren Yeager’s birthday?

Sasha Blouse15⁴5’6″ / 168cm
Marco Bott15⁴5’10” / 178cm
Floch Forster15⁴5’09” / 175cm
Louise13-165’01” / 155cm

Who is Floch loyal to?

6/10 He Became Eren’s Most Loyal Follower. After Armin was saved, Floch wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion on how Levi made the wrong choice. This caused him and Eren to strongly dislike each other. However, by the time the series jumped four years into the future, Floch became Eren’s most loyal follower.

Does Floch have a crush on Eren?

Due to these being both very popular for both characters and Mikasa having a crush on Eren, fans joke that something both Mikasa and Floch can agree on is having a ‘crush’ on Eren, despite Floch having no love interest in the series.

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