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What is Hanako’s age?

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What is Hanako’s age? The average koi bred outside of Japan can be expected to reach 15 years of age, while the average Japanese koi’s lifespan is 40 years. Some sources give an accepted age for the species at little more than 50 years.

Hanako (fish)

Species Koi
Born c. 1751
Died July 7, 1977 (aged 225–226) Japan
Residence Japan

What is the age rating for Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun? 1 (Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, 1): AidaIro: 9781975332877: Books.

Product information.

Publisher ‎Yen Press; Illustrated edition (January 28, 2020)
Reading age ‎13 years and up
Grade level ‎8 and up
Item Weight ‎5.6 ounces

What is Hanako real name? Hanako’s real name is Amane Yugi, which Tsukasa calls him whenever they meet. While he is called Hanako by Nene and Kou, Tsukasa is the only who calls him by his real name.

Why is Hanako called Hanako? The name Hanako is girl’s name of Japanese origin meaning “flower child”. Hanako has a delicate sound and quaint meaning — but there’s a catch. According to widespread urban legend in Japan, Hanako is the name of the ghost of a little girl who haunts school bathrooms, who sometimes answers if you call her name.

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Does Hanako kiss Nene?

While resting for a bit, Hanako apologizes and expresses his true feelings. Nene catches on and tries to make him admit that he likes her. Soon after, Hanako says that he missed her and the two kiss. Nene and Hanako share a hug as she cries and tells him how glad she is that they met again.

Is Hanako a boy or girl?

Hanako is a female Japanese given name. The name can have different meanings, one of them being 花子, meaning “flower girl.” It is often seen as an archetypal name for females.

Will TBHK get a Season 2?

Unfortunately for anime fans of the show, there have been no formal announcements by either the studio or writers of the show telling viewers to expect another season.

How many English volumes of Hanako kun are there?

The first volume was published on . A volume 0 was released on Decem. As of Aug, eighteen volumes have been published.

Who voices the English dub of Hanako-kun?

Justin Briner is the English dub voice of Hanako in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, and Megumi Ogata is the Japanese voice.

Who is Hanako married to?

Hanako Koyanagi (小柳 花子 Koyanagi Hanako), later Hanako Kabakura (樺倉 花子, Kabakura Hanako) in Vol. 9 Ch. 65.3, is the bespectacled senpai of Narumi Momose at the office and the wife of Tarō Kabakura who loves playing games and reads yaoi manga.

Does Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun have an English dub?

You can watch all of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun in English dub and sub on @crunchyroll right now. It’s…

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