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What is Itachi’s personality?

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What is Itachi’s personality? As a member of Akatsuki, he possessed incredible self-control of his emotions, constantly displaying an emotionless personality. He only showed surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he didn’t lose his composure.

What MBTI is kushina? Kushina Uzumaki. ESFPs live in the world of people possibilties. They love people and new experiences. They are lively and fun, and enjoy being the center of attention.

Is Naruto a Infj? Naruto is an ENFP, which means that he is inquisitive but airheaded, spontaneous, impulsive, energetic and rather idealistic. He is constantly devising new ideas and finding hidden meanings and patterns in combat while making connections.

What MBTI is obito? 8 Obito: ENTP. It’s hard to describe Obito’s personality when you think about his whole life.

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What MBTI is Sasuke?

Uchiha Sasuke’s MBTI Type: INTJ-T, The Architect. Deep down, Sasuke is a detached and calculating person, and that makes him an Architect, even if he is unpredictable and chaotic on the outside.

Is Minato an Infp?

Minato Namikaze’s MBTI Type: ENFJ, The Protagonist. Minato Namikaze is an ENFJ, meaning he fits the Protagonist personality type.

What MBTI is Kakashi?

Kakashi Hatake’s MBTI Personality Type: INTP, The Logician. Kakashi Hatake is best described as the INTP, or the Logician, one of the rarer but more intriguing personality types.

What is hashirama MBTI?

Hashirama is a clear ENFP. He’s always been both an optimist and a dreamer. In spite of being raised during a hard, war-ridden time, Hashirama constantly dreams of a better future, although he is unsure of how exactly to bring it about.

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Table of Contents
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