What is light head?

What is light head? 1 : mentally disoriented : dizzy. 2 : lacking in maturity or seriousness : frivolous. Other Words from light-headed Synonyms Learn More About light-headed.

Is tissy a word? Tissy definition. (colloquial) A type of behavior, usually when a male acts feminine in a manner of frustration.

How do you deal with ditzy people? 14 tips for dealing with stupidity

  • Smile. Pause. …
  • Begin with praise. We’re all narcissists. …
  • Speak slowly and user fewer words. Cognitive processing speeds are sluggish.
  • End your sentences with a declarative statement. …
  • Be non-controversial whenever you can. …
  • Don’t gossip. …
  • Look busy. …
  • Feel someone’s pain but move on.

What’s another term for airhead? What is another word for airhead?


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What does ditzy and scatterbrained mean?

informal. : having or showing a forgetful, disorganized, or unfocused mind : having the characteristics of a scatterbrain As Detective Gina Calabrese on Miami Vice, Saundra Santiago is all clearheaded efficiency.

Is Cheeky positive or negative?

If you describe a person or their behavior as cheeky, you think that they are slightly rude or disrespectful but in a charming or amusing way.

How do I become a saucy?

To be sassy, try to think of quick comebacks whenever someone says something that might be rude, and deliver your statements with confidence. Practice saying more risque or brash statements to give them a little attitude. Make sure your statements are funny, not offensive or rude, and keep your quips lighthearted.

What does it mean if someone is brassy?

Britannica Dictionary definition of BRASSY. 1. : very confident and aggressive in a loud and sometimes annoying way. a brassy woman/reporter.

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