What is Lucifer’s favorite item?

What is Lucifer’s favorite item? Lucifer’s favorite gift is a Princess’ Poison Apple. This item will always yield the highest possible Intimacy during his Surprise Guest events, regardless of when it is given. To easily grind Intimacy with Lucifer, stock up on as many Princess’ Poison Apples as you can beforehand.

How old is Luke obey? While his physical appearance is that of a ten year old, he is at least over one thousand years old, as alluded to in Lesson 7-10.

Who is the oldest to youngest in Obey Me? Obey Me characters oldest to youngest. Here are the seven brothers, ranked from the oldest to the youngest: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Belphegor.

Who are the 7 demon Kings? Like the Lanterne of Light, Binsfeld used the seven deadly sins as a basis, though the two schemes differ in various ways.

  • Lucifer: pride.
  • Mammon: greed.
  • Asmodeus: lust.
  • Leviathan: envy.
  • Beelzebub: gluttony.
  • Satan: wrath.
  • Belphegor: sloth.

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Who is the youngest demon brother?

Belphegor is the Avatar of Sloth and is the youngest and seventh sibling among the seven demon brothers.

What Avatar is Satan in obey me?

Satan is the Avatar of Wrath and is the 4th oldest and physically the youngest among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.

What is Lucifer’s personality in obey me?

He’s domineering, emotionally distant, and quite literally a sadist. He often gleefully tortures his younger brother, Mammon, and his bedroom contains some ‘interesting’ décor.

Who are the demons in obey me?

There they meet seven demon brothers who run the demon student council: Lucifer (Pride), Mammon (Greed), Leviathan (Envy), Satan (Wrath), Asmodeus (Lust), Beelzebub (Gluttony) and Belphegor (Sloth).

Who is the most powerful in obey me?

Diavolo. Check the first season, I think lesson 2 to 4. He’s the most powerful demon in the devildom. Whilst Barb has a lot of talents, being able to change between the past and future isn’t all that useful when you can’t use it on your own will.

What is Lucifer’s age?

According to official information, Lucifer was born 13.7 billion years ago. That means not only the fact that he’s one of the oldest beings in the universe – but also that he needs a whole lot of candles when he celebrates his birthday.

Who is the villain in Obey Me?

Lucifer is the eldest of the seven demon brothers, and is the avatar of pride. A perfectly flawless but malicious sadist, he’s the student council vice president and Lord Diavolo’s closest friend and right-hand man.

Can you date obey characters?

Obey Me! is a little different from traditional otome games. Rather than playing through one character’s route at a time, the player can romance all seven love interests simultaneously.

Who is the most liked character in Obey Me?

RESULTS: Popularity poll including side characters

  • 1.: Satan (4.19)
  • 2.: Simeon (4.08)
  • 3.: Beelzebub (3.96)
  • 4.: Solomon (3.94)
  • 5.: Mammon (3.81)
  • 6.: Leviathan (3.80)
  • 7.: Lucifer (3.79)
  • 8.: Diavolo (3.75)

What color is Lucifer’s wings?

Lucifer’s wings are a heavenly white which differs from all the other angels Lucifer’s wings: Lucifer’s wings seem to be broader than Amenadiel’s.

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