What is MATCHi?

What is MATCHi? The world’s fastest growing booking system for racket sports. We offer your venue an easy online booking system, decreased administrative load and personalized support. MATCHi is a complete racket sports system, not just a traditional booking system. We connect players with venues, enabling people to play more.

What is the kanji for Machi? Kanji Card – 町 – machi

Meaningcity, quarter, district
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Where does Machi come from? Background. Not much is known about Machi’s past except that she is a founding member of the Troupe, all of whom hail from Meteor City, a junkyard city inhabited by outcasts of the world.

What is Machi short for? Machi (Japanese: 町, Hepburn: machi, also read as chō) is an administrative unit in Japan, often referred to in English as town.

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How do you use Machi in Japanese?

“Machi” to mean ‘town’. machi – 町 (まち) : a noun meaning ‘town’ in Japanese. This can also be used as a plural noun meaning ‘towns’. Learn more about Japanese plural.

Is Machi a word?

A slang in Tamil language that people use colloquially to refer to a close friend. Which in real meaning is Brother-In-Law.

Is Kaiko a Japanese name?

Keiko is a feminine Japanese given name. Keikō (景行), with a long “o”, is the name posthumously given to Emperor Keikō.

How do you pronounce Machi?

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What kind of woman was Machi?

Machi are predominantly women who enter into altered states of consciousness to contact spirits in order to heal, and mediate between the Mapuche people in Southern Chile and the spirit world. Machi are also mediators and negotiators between different cultural realities.

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