What is Nizam beast weak to?

What is Nizam beast weak to? Nizam Beasts have no weaknesses, but no resistances to worry about. They are somewhat easier to inflict status ailments on, however. If more than one Nizam Beast is present, using Chie’s Skull Cracker or Yosuke’s Tentarafoo is an effective way to incapacitate them long enough to be killed.

How many floors is Kanji’s dungeon have? Talk to him, and choose Search for Kanji. That’ll take you to the Steamy Bathhouse. This is a rather long dungeon. In total, there are 11 floors, with the boss on the 11th floor.

How do you beat daring gigas in Persona 4? If Daring Gigas uses Rebellion too, it would be in your best interest to guard. Make use of any revival items you have, should you need to. Buff your evasion stat with Sukunda and try to have a Persona equipped that resists Physical damage. It’s best to use Magic Skills since Physical Skills may be countered.

Does Shadow Kanji have a weakness? While Shadow Kanji has no weaknesses, he has no notable resistances, either, other than the usual light and dark. On the other hand, the Tough Guy and Nice Guy are weak to fire and ice, respectively, but only in Persona 4 Golden. However, that is the much better version of the game, so you should be playing it.

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What level should I be to beat Yukiko?

Strategy. It is recommended that you reach Level 12-15 on Normal Difficulty before fighting this boss. A Fire-resistant Persona is useful in this battle, as well. Shadow Yukiko will use Burn to Ashes after the party takes a turn.

How do you grind faster in Persona 4?

Make sure to bring one party member and a Persona with an Almighty ability. To reset the spawn, go back to the fifth floor and sixth floor until a golden hand appears. Killing these will net the player about 60,000 experience. Repeat this process to get money fast and levels fast in a single area.

How many floors does rise dungeon have?

There are eleven floors in Marukyu Striptease. It’s best to train on floors 1 to 5 to level up enough. When you reach 7 floor, Rise-chan will turn off the light making it a little hard to see. I trained on this floor until my party was level 29 and could easily survive.

What dungeon is after kanji?

The Steamy Bathhouse appeared in the Midnight Channel after Kanji’s disappearance, which occurred after Kanji was shown on TV, in a documentary about biker gangs. Initially, Teddie could not detect the dungeon’s location, hinting at a failing sense.

What is daring gigas weak to?

Daring Gigas appears in the 3rd Ave of the first Theater, Kamoshidaman. Weak to Fire but strong to Psy, it attacks with light Phyiscal skills. When defeated, it may drop Gigas Jewel and Gigas Tights.

Do you have to grind in p4g?

Yes, you can go by the game with minimal grinding, but if you wanna make the most out of your personas you’ll find that the social link and fusion systems are very important. If you don’t skip battles and you take the personas with the correct affinities you’ll do just fine.

Is Persona 4 Golden grindy?

The grind in this game is on par, but there are a few systems in place that make it easy to cut down on the grind by making over leveled personas, getting instant level ups, getting overpowered equipment, ect.

What is iron dice weakness?

It is weak to Electricity and Light, attacks with single-target Physical skills that have a chance to Curse party members, and can Self Destruct.

How many dungeons are in p4g?

I can now say I’ve beaten all 9 dungeons in the game, and while I found the whole experience to be enthralling there were certainly some dungeons that felt undercooked compared to others. How would I rank all 9 dungeons in Persona 4 Golden?

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