What is Ogenki desu ka?

What is Ogenki desu ka? In OGENKI DESU KA (Are you fine?), OGENKI is an adjective GENKI (fine, healthy) with an honorific O before it. If you answer, “Yes, I’m fine,” you say HAI, GENKI DESU. You do not add the honorific O, when you talk about yourself.

What is Komuin? Bribery of public officials (komuin) is regulated under Articles 197 and 198 of the Japanese Criminal Code.

What is Shufu in Japanese? a modern equivalent of the English “housewife.” In other words, since the Chinese. character fu indicates a woman, and the Japanese shufu is a person responsible for. housework at home, she is a kind of “head” ( shu , aruji ) within the home.

What is Arimasen? A Japanese phrase meaning “There is no more (I could do)” or “I don’t have any prospects to win.”.

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What is Yonde Kudasai?

Yonde kudasai (読んでください) means “please read.” You can expect to hear this phrase if a teacher wants you to practice reading some word, phrase, or passage.

What is the difference between Shigoto and Hataraki?

Basically, “hataraku” has the same meaning as “shigoto suru”. However, it is a pure verb and one individual word. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain the noun, “shigoto”. So, it means ‘to work’ in a broader sense; it doesn’t have the nuance, ‘to work on specific tasks’.

How old are you Japanese?

It can be written with two different kanji: the traditional 歳 and the simplified and most commonly used 才. To ask someone “how old are you?,” you can say: Nan sai desu ka (何歳ですか); Or in a more formal way, O ikutsu desu ka (おいくつですか).

What is Nanda Kore wa?

“Nanda kore wa”, written “なんだこれは” means “what is this?” – kind of in astonishment, in a casual setting (e.g. among family or equal friends). Almost like “what the heck?” or “what in the world.”

What is kawaii desu ne?

Kawaii desu ne. =Cute, isn’t she/he/it(subjects and objects and verbs can be ommited if there’s just an adjective)? Kawaii =cute, desu = be -verb, -masu politeness level, ne=isn’t x? So Kawaii ne.

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