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What is Pillock?

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What is Pillock? Noun. pillock (plural pillocks) (UK, mildly derogatory, slang) A stupid or annoying person; a simpleton; a fool.

What does Jeffing mean in slang? verb, slang To run, then walk, then run, and so on. A technique named after and popularized by Olympic runner Jeff Galloway. I decided to jeff the half-marathon, and I ended up getting a better time than I ever had before. I don’t know why people think jeffing a race is any better than running it like normal.

What is the Minge? Definition of ‘minge’. 1. the female genitals. offensive. women collectively considered as sexual objects.

What does Minge mean in UK? Noun. minge (plural minges) (Britain, Australia, New Zealand, vulgar, slang) The pubic hair and vulva.

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Do you wanna get Monged meaning?

9. Monged. “Do you wanna get monged?” Adam asks Otis as he offers him some of his spliff. (To be monged is to be under the influence of drugs, usually weed.)

What does Monged mean in slang?

Adjective. monged (comparative more monged, superlative most monged) (UK, slang) intoxicated; under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

What is Munging slang for?

verb (used with or without object), munged, mung·ing. Computer Slang. to manipulate (raw data), especially to convert (data) from one format to another: the munging of HTML content.

What is a numpty in England?

Scotland’s favourite word, according to a poll by BT Openreach, is numpty. Derived from “numps”, an obsolete word for a stupid person, rather than the more obvious numbnuts or numbskull, the term implies general idiocy, often in my experience accompanied by windbaggery.

Why do Brits say Guv?

(slang) A contraction of “governor”, used to describe a person in a managerial position e.g. “Sorry mate, can’t come to the pub, my guv’nor’s got me working late tonight”. Heard mostly in London.

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Table of Contents